Tell Me A Lie

'If I wanted you Niall, then I wouldn't be with him' I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now 'I love Harry' I sighed 'Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?'.


3. How It Began

A/N (Sorry this chapters short!!)


The rain had come to a stop now, the sun was just peaking through the thick fluffy clouds and was now beating down warming me up a little, on the CD played Falling For You -Busted started to play and I heard a muffle of song lyrics leave Niall’s mouth. “I, I I’m really falling for you, I, I hate what you’re putting me through” I could feel his ice blue eyes stare at me. His voice sent chills down my spine, reaching for the skip button on the CD player Niall placed his hand on top switching it back sending tingles down my arm. “Hey, I like that one!” he finally cut the silence, sheepishly staring at Niall’s hand on mine I pulled away and I saw him smirk out of the corner of my eye.

What was that? Did we just have a moment? No way. Niall’s funny and everything but I don’t like him like that I’m in love with Harry. He’s my everything and I would be so lost without him. Harry and I met three years ago, we dated a bit in secret for a couple of months but then the press got involved so we decided to make it official since then we’ve been through it all and it hasn’t been the smoothest of drives but we’ve managed to make it work for the both of us. I moved in with Harry on our second anniversary as a couple and honestly we both couldn’t be happier. I wake up next to the love of my life every day; the boys have always been supportive of our relationship even when management haven’t. The rest of the car ride was, well awkward, I don’t know what happened but the next fifteen minutes was spent in silence.  

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