Tell Me A Lie

'If I wanted you Niall, then I wouldn't be with him' I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now 'I love Harry' I sighed 'Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?'.


13. Boo

We sat around the house, Niall’s full attention on the Derby game and my full attention on Niall.

 We were placed on the sofa, I sat on the far end and Niall placed his head on my lap and the rest of his body sprawled out on the rest of the sofa his sky blue eyes glued to the TV screen. I gazed down at the man that had his head on my lap, noticing for the first time how beautiful he really is. His pale skin flushed scarlet around his cheekbones, his usually stuck up dyed blonde hair was mopped down covering his ears with a red snapback covering most of it and his pink lips were curved into a pout.  Most of the upper half of his body was on show as he was wearing a white no sleeved t-shirt with the words ‘Crazy Mofo’ written in bold black and on his legs he wore grey tracksuit bottoms.

 I traced my fingers up his arm and his lips curved into a playful smile as I gradually got to his shoulder I pulled his snapback out from under his head and placed it on my own pouting, ungluing his eyes from the TV screen he shot out of my lap trying to grab his hat. Laughing I darted out of the living room door and into his room and hid behind the door.

 “Lucyyyy” He whined my name echoed through the house, holding in my laughs he tip toed through the door and peered under his bed “Uhhh huhhh” “Oh” he pointed and I couldn’t no longer hold in my laughs, shouting as loud as I could I pounced on my pray “BOO!” landing on his back I straddled my legs around him until he was giving me a piggy back. “If Derby have scored you are dead meat” He threatened “ooooo why so serrrriousss” I whispered in his ear, he let out a faint laugh “Oh so it’s a fight you want” he pouted “Bring it Horan” I squinted my eyes ready for the worse. Pulling me around to his front my arms were tied around his neck, he tiggled my sides making me immediately drop to the floor with a thud, he brought himself down with me and straddled my front meaning I couldn’t move anywhere, placing my hands above my head to announce defeat he pinned them there bringing his face close to mine practically laying on top of me know I could feel his breath against my cheek, smiling at him his eyes travelled from mine to my lips licking his making them moist.  Bringing his mouth closer to mine they were nearly touching when there was a knock at the door. His lips formed a cheeky smile as he pulled himself up to his feet offering me a hand and running to get the door. 

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