Tell Me A Lie

'If I wanted you Niall, then I wouldn't be with him' I lost the hope within my voice and it was barely a whisper now 'I love Harry' I sighed 'Who are you trying to convince? Me? Or yourself?'.


6. Better Than Him.

Standing amongst the moonlight, Harry and Zayn were lent against the people carrier taxi as Liam and Louis we’re having a heated conversation. “What’s that about?” Niall quizzed joining Harry’s side. “Who’s sitting in the front seat” Zayn sniggered earning a laugh from Niall and Harry “Can we please go now?” I urged wanting to get tonight over and done with.  Climbing into the cab I was praying I wouldn’t be wedged between Harry and Niall. But surprise, surprise I was. Well this won’t be awkward at all. “I’m in the front next time” Louis began, “If you say so Tomo” Liam winked in the mirror “Don’t you ‘Tomo; me, Payney You! You! Don’t have the right. Seat stealer.” Louis smiled back sarcastically; Liam raised his eyebrows at Louis trying to hide his smile “Seat stealer? Reaaaal smooth Louis” Niall slapped Louis shoulder lightly laughing. “Yeah, mature Lou” Zayn added trying not to laugh. The banter between the boys flowed for a good ten minutes, occasionally making me giggle lightly but I wasn’t in the mood anymore so I snuggled into Harry’s lap to get as far away from Niall as possible.

 “You look so beautiful tonight baby” Harry whispered softly in my ear above the shouting that was coming from the other four. Turning to him I smiled, pecking his lips lightly thanking him “Get. A. Room. You. Two. Seriously.” Louis held his hands out blocking us from his view, lifting my head up from kissing Harry I laughed realising Louis, Liam and Zayn were staring at us, Niall on the other hand was staring out of the window silently. Jealous are we? Laughing a little all I said was “Louis we have a room, but unfortunately you guys dragged us away from it tonight so I can’t have Harry all to myself, in our room, alone, so you’re going to have to deal with it babe, I’m learning to cope” I half smiled, laughing, Liam spat out the water he was sipping and Louis slapped his hand on his mouth trying not to go into hysterics. Harry Laughed looking at the ground before adding “You just got owned, by my girlfriend dude” patting him on the shoulder shaking his head. Niall sat there for the rest of the car journey looking like someone had stabbed him through the heart, laughing in my head all I could think was, ‘two can play that game sunshine.’

Pulling up outside the club, the taxi driver announced that the fair was £15.50, the boys looked at each other pulling out £10 each handing it to him “Keep the change” Louis pointed, clicking his tongue “Man I love saying that” He continued chuckling to himself, the taxi driver just sat there is utter disbelief maybe it was because he had 5 international pop stars in his car or that he had just got paid £50 for a £15.50 fare. Climbing out of the cab, Harry was laughing at some random dance moves Louis was busting out with for the paparazzi, walking towards him I felt a hand tighten around my wrist pulling me back, a pair of lips were bought up to my ear and words spilled from them “It’s only a matter of time, you know I can do it better than he’ll ever be able to”.

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