2. Abused

Marlene got up and got ready for school. When she got to school, the popular girls came up to her.

"Eww what happened to your face?" Samantha said

"Somebody get me a barf bag" Téa said

"Ugh, the Brown sisters" Marlene thought

"Hey! Quit picking on her" Jason said


"Thanks Jason. They always tease me. I hate it" Marlene said

"It's no problem. Gosh I hate popular snobby kids. They pick on everyone. I hate bullies." Jason said

"..." Marlene went

"Not to be rude or anything but you do know you bully everyone in the school, right?" Marlene stated

"... SHUT UP" Jason said as he raised his hand.

Marlene flinched and took steps backwards.

When she got far enough away from him, Marlene said "we can talk about it."

Jason trusted Marlene, as he felt like she was going through what he was going through.

"Ok" he said.

"How about after school, you and me will walk home and we can talk then? Plan?" Marlene asked.

"Talk about what?" Gabi asked.

"Errrr uhh-" Jason started

"Don't worry. Gabi won't tell anyone. Will you Gabi?" Marlene asked.

"If it's a secret, I have to tell someone." Gabi pronounced.

"But, if it's a secret, you'll stay shut up about it or you'll be in the lockers" Jason said.

Gabi laughs nervously. "I'll stay quiet."

"Great. We'll all walk home together after school. Marlene stated.

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