Claire was your average normal collage student. Got great grades had a lot of friends and one good summer job. Her life was just as normal as anyone else's until HE came into it. HE ruined it all. HE got her kicked out of collage. HE got her fired. HE ruined her life.


2. Savannah Nichole Brown

Savannah here but you already knew that didn't you? No. Okay then. Well I am Savannah Nichole Brown, Claire's best friend almost sister.
Height: 5" 7'
Age: 19
Looks: Blonde Hair, Blue eyes
Personality: Bubbly, Little Shy around new people, Active
Backstory: Well I had an average life. Me and my family weren't rich but we weren't poor we were more of the middle class type of family. I have 2 bothers Mason and Jason they are twins and are 3 years younger than me. My mom and dad split up wen I was still little but mom managed to keep me and my brothers in line for a few years before she remarried to Josh, my step-dad. I never really liked Josh but as long as he keeps my mom happy. Well I'm going to U.N.I. for a major in dance. I do all kinds of dance hip-hop, jazz, tango, ballet, and modern. I share a flat with Claire and also work at the diner with her. We call it a diner but it is more of a bar. Most of our customers come here for the alcohol not the food.  Well that's me so I'll talk to you later!


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