Claire was your average normal collage student. Got great grades had a lot of friends and one good summer job. Her life was just as normal as anyone else's until HE came into it. HE ruined it all. HE got her kicked out of collage. HE got her fired. HE ruined her life.


9. Faces Really Close Together


I dont know what came over me but the next thing i know my hand was whipped across Zayn's face. His head turned to his side and a smirk formed on his lips. 

"You shouldnt have done that, princess." he spoke. Suddenly I saw his fist come up and knock me in the face, then everything turned black. 

~3rd Person~

Once Zayn knocked out Claire, he carried her to his black car. Zayn put he in the passenger seat and walked around to the driver side and drove off into the night. 

20 minutes later Zayn had pulled to and rundown old looking apartment complex. He got out of the car and carried her into the building. 

Once he got inside he took the lift to the 28th floor where himself and his boys lived. 

"Boys im home!!" he yelled as his voice echoed through the apartment. HarryLiam, and Louis stepped out from their rooms to greet Zayn and a still knocked out Claire.

"Heyy man, whos the hottie?" asked Louis. Zayn glared at the older boy and Louis backed off a bit.

"Boys meet Claire, she is my girl, she will forever be my girl so dont touch her." Zayn said sternly

"Gotcha bro but is she okay?" asked Liam

"Yeah she wouldnt cooperate so I knocked her out, and brought her here." he said like it was nothing.

All the boys nodded as Zayn laid Claire down on his bed in his room

~1 hour later~

I woke up with a pounding headache, sore throat, and in an unfamiliar bedroom.

"Ugh how much did I drink last night?" I asked myself.

"Actually you didnt drink at all princess." I looked over to the corner of the room to see the person in my nightmares, Zayn Malik.

"What the hell am I doing here? Where am i?" i asked/yelled. Zayn started laughing and walked towards me and leaned his face really close to mine as if he were going to kiss me.

"I suggest you stop yelling and cursing at me sweetheart Ive hit you once I wont hesitate to do it again if you keep this attitude up. Understand?" he said. I was in such shock. Would he really hit me again? I couldnt find the words to say so I just nodded my head. 

"Now there will be a few rules 1. you will do everything me or my boys say but at the end of the day you will answer to me 2. you will not leave this appartment unless myself or one of my boys are with you 3. you will stay in this room for sleeping, showering and changing your clothes 4. i dont intend to pay for all of your bull shit so you will keep your job at the diner and one of us will take you to and fro. Understood princess?" he spoke.


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