Melody || Loki Fanfic

When Thor begs Loki to come home for what feels like the millionth time, Loki, as expected says no. But when Thor wants to show Loki that he trusts him, he does something that could tip the balance of peace on Midgard, Asgard and Jotunheim. What does he do? He asks Loki to take care of Jane's niece, Melody.


4. Chapter 4


-Back on Jotunheim, At the entrance of Loki's palace--

 --Melody's POV--

"What do you think?" Loki asked me, I barely heard him. I was staring up at a palace of ice, it was insanely beautiful. I would explain that it was a cold baby blue colour, but its made of ice so thats obvious. When I didn't answer him Loki asked me again.

"Melody? What do you think?" 

"Its AMAZING!" I yelled jumping up and down "BUT I AM FREEZING!!! LOKI! Can we pleeeeease go IN now?" I turned to look at his face, and burst out laughing again.

 --Loki's POV--

She was laughing at my face again. Seriously, What The Hell.

"OH MY GOD WHAT IS SO FUNNY?" I yell at her, but I'm not really angry. She was laughing so hard she couldn't talk, tears were streaming out her eyes and all she could do was pass me a small compact mirror out of a hidden pocket. I looked at my reflection, there was a big red lipstick mark from where she had kissed me.

"Ok, I get it now" I said with a wry smile "But its not that funny." She was just starting to stop laughing.

"Yes it is" She squeaked.

"Come on" I said, helping her up off the floor "Lets go inside."

"Why do you say 'oh my god'?" Melody asked me 

"To much time with mortals." I replied seriously. She burst out laughing again. She has a nice laugh. Shut up. Grrr Screw you brain. I. Am. Never. Going. To. Be. Friends. With. A. Mortal. end of argument. 

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