Melody || Loki Fanfic

When Thor begs Loki to come home for what feels like the millionth time, Loki, as expected says no. But when Thor wants to show Loki that he trusts him, he does something that could tip the balance of peace on Midgard, Asgard and Jotunheim. What does he do? He asks Loki to take care of Jane's niece, Melody.


13. Chapter 13



 -- Loki's POV --


It wasn't until the movie had already been playing for 10 minutes that I noticed how close Melody was sitting to me. We were actually brushing shoulders and everything... It was strange, but nice. As a member of the royal family not many people are allowed to come anywhere near you, let alone touch you. 


My mind started to wander slightly, thinking about how soft her skin was and how warm she felt.


What the hell, Loki! I thought ​Snap out of it, she's a bloody mortal for heavens sake..... crap, thats an Midgard saying 'heavens sake'. If I say it, it should be ' Valhallas sake' ... or something.


I stopped thinking about it and started to get really into the movie, which was surprising since, a) it was a cartoon, b) it was a disney cartoon - I had heard tales of woe from men who had to watch disney - and c) it was a disney cartoon about a princess. Nonetheless, I was enjoying the film.


When Elsa's powers were discovered by the cities' people, I was terrified for her, knowing just how skeptical midgardian people could be about people with powers. They always thought that they were either a god, a witch or a super hero. Elsa was clearly not the first or the last, and the cities' people in the film seemed so scared of her and wouldn't help her when all she felt herself was fear.


I hated that scene, because deep down, I knew exactly what that felt like. It nearly made me cry.


Stupid -- worthless --  I thought, angrily why the hell are you crying you idiot?!?!?


By the end of the film, I was following the story line so intensely that I hadn't noticed that Melody had fallen asleep on my shoulder. When I did notice, I went stiff as a board and fidgeted uncomfortably. I had never been in that kind of situation before and I didn't know what to do.


ARRGGGGHH!!! I screamed internally How DARE she touch you, how dare she disrespect you in this way!!  The voices in my head were yelling at me, but the voices in my heart were not yelling anything. They were a blackish, greyish whirlpool of memories, heartaches and perhaps emotions - something which I had promised myself to have nothing to do with. 

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