Could you imagine falling in love with your imaginary friend?... Kinda weird I know but that's what happened to me..

Ruby was just a normal teen that worried about things like her clothes ad how big her thighs were but her world gets turned upside down when a blonde stranger appears out of no where


1. Welcome

The worst thing about Christmas time is the shopping, I can deal with the cleaning but the shopping is brutal.

Firstly, Everyone that is in the same country as you seems to be present in the same shopping mall as you at the exact same time that you choose to be shopping.

Secondly, It's SO boring. Just buy your family member a shirt and hope that they like it, if they don't it's not like they can say anything. It's thought that counts right?

Thirdly, Lucas will not shut up about how much he hates Christmas shopping and making very good points to why it is so evil and annoying which is resulting in me hating even more than I already do.

"This is completely torture, you clean your whole house just to go out for three more days and buy a thousand presents for a thousand people, you don't want you socialize with, mainly because all they ask you is 'how is school' and 'what did Santa get you for Christmas. It's ridiculous" Lucas huffed walking along side me and my Mother who was furiously asking herself questions.

"Your preaching to the choir.." I said under my breath to him and walked with my Mother who was now walking at a Usain Bolt pace toward Target.

"Why don't you just not buy them gifts?" Lucas asked suddenly throwing his arm around my shoulder, the dead weight of his arm causing my posture to drop.

"Cause you look like a dick.." I whispered to him under my breath again shrugging off his arm.

"So don't go to their parties so you don't have to go look like a dick to them." He said simply as if he had surprised himself with his intelligence.

"Because you look like a bigger dick declining the chance to see your family and eat their food." I said a little to loud the man walking in front of me looking over his shoulder at me.

"So say that your sick and you cannot make it." He shrugged in a doppey manner his top lip raising softly.

"Because genius.. Y- You just can't." I said in defeat.

"I win this argument Miss, Ruby Lingal."  He whispered in my ear my last name rolling off the tip of his tongue, he kissed my cheek quickly and straightened his posture walking beside me as we had never met before keeping his eyes forward. 

It's a shame no one can see Lucas cause that means I am left to truly appreciate his beauty. He was a God, well he looked like one, He was a slim build but he still had visual abs and pecks, biceps and all, He had dirty blonde tousled hair that he ran his fingers through when he was thinking or when ever he wanted to make me blush, his eyes were ocean blue in direct light boy grey in normal light. He is VERY beautiful.. well for a guy at least.

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