Shut Up And Kiss Me Babe!

Hi I'm Kelly, a 17 years old, yep you guessed it!
High school girl, cheerleader and beauty queen and everyone wants to be me!
Wild child throw and throw, pool party's, shopping, boys! I love it!


3. The Inappropriate Grab

It was forth period and we had music, unfortunately I had to sit next to Mick so I did because we had supply we listens to music, anyway me and Mick were talking about what we're doing at the weekend and he dose the move! He stretches his arms and put it around me, but I didn't care we weren't dating he just has a crust on me and flirts so I let him.

All of a sudden he graves my boob! So I grab his hand an put it on the desk and told him no not her! And he said why babe and I said because we're in school dummy so he said right he seemed disappointed but I didn't care!!!

He invited me and my bitched to a pool party so we said yeah we'll come alright it was at his best mates house Luke!

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