Shut Up And Kiss Me Babe!

Hi I'm Kelly, a 17 years old, yep you guessed it!
High school girl, cheerleader and beauty queen and everyone wants to be me!
Wild child throw and throw, pool party's, shopping, boys! I love it!


1. Just an ordinary day at school!

Please read blurb before reading this book please beware there in intricate details and searing!


Omg school, so I get washed, dressed (short tight skirt, top, short tie, flats) tarty as always, I leave for school and on the way I meet up with my bitch kat! (aka best friend) so we walk to school and on they way as normal mick shouts out wait up sexy! And then his two best friends (Luke and Jamie) shouted oh Kelly wants a shag! So I turned around and shouted out! FUCK OFF U ASSHOLES!!! and walked off!

At the gates my mates (Morgan and Lucy) we're waiting for us! So we walked to tutor and sat. After tutor we slowly walked to first period and sat at the back, Morgan passed me some gum, we're not alowed gum at school but no one cares accepted the nerds!

It was almost brake we'll 3 minutes to go and the bell rang so I walked out of the building, sat down on the bench was Mick he said " hey slut" and slapped my ass!! so I went to him and sat down on his lap and crossed my nee and he said so u wanna meet up later babes at mine! And so I said you bet In your wildest dreams!! Kissed him and walked off!

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