New Beginnings

After what's happened will they find peace or be forever haunted by the memories of their captors.

Sequel to Kidnapped


5. Only Seat

Harry's Point of View

I didn't say anything at the session. Just didn't feel like it. I just want to get back and go drink some more. It helps me forget about you know what. And I get an excuse ton leave the house. No offense to the guys but they're all just so depressing to be around. I like to get out and let loose. I'm going out again after I bring the guys home.

I pull up into the driveway and park the car. I get out and quickly call a cab company to come get me. I don't want to drink and drive.

The taxi soon arrives and I tell him the address of the club I've been going to all week. I think it's funny to see the same people every day who go like I do. But they go there to get laid, not drink. We pull up and I spot him a twenty while getting out. I enter and grab my usual seat at the end of the bar. The bartender sees me and he already is preparing my drinks. I've been here enough to a point where I can get 'the usual'.

After my third drink I start feeling a bit drunk. Two more and I'll have had enough to go home drunk. But before I could ask for another, this girl sits down next to me. This is new. Most girls here don't even bother with me, as I'm famous and all. Something about being 'too intimidating'. But the brave girls do hit on me but I shut them down quickly. So I'll just wait for her to gather her self and start hitting on me. I just stare at my forth drink waiting for it.

After three slow minutes I get a bit irritated. Without even looking at her I say, "If you're going to start chatting me up. Go on with it." I hear her laughing. "What?" I ask obviously confused. Why is she laughing at me?? I look at her clearly for the first time. She's pretty, not in a sexy kind of way, but in a cute sort of way. She looks like she doesn't go out often because she's sober and isn't dressed like a prositute. She is still laughing at me though. What is her deal??

"It-it's just that," she says trying to contain her laughter, "this was the only seat left!" I check the seats and am surprised to see that she is right about that. Must be a Friday. She calms down and says more seriously, "And then you go and expect me to hit on you. Who do you think you are?"

Well apparently she doesn't know who I am. Weird. I am just used to so many people knowing me I rarely come across one that doesn't. I find myself at a loss for words, "Um I'm um Harry Styles. The guy from One Direction. You know the What Makes You Beautiful' guys." I look back at her and take in her beauty. She has long golden blonde hair that reaches all the way down her back. Her eyes are a dark green color that have very natural make up around them, unlike a lot of girls here who have lots of heavy makeup on. She has just such a natural beauty to her, it's shocking to find at a club like this. She short, probably around 5'5" and is curvy. She's obviously a catch. She then clears her throat at me.

"Are you done checking me out yet Mr. Drunk Popstar?" She asks. By now I'm on my last drink of the night and she's right. I am drunk.

"Yeeaah about that..." I scratch the back of my neck nervously. It's been a while since I've flirted. "You're right. I am drunk... Do you mind maybe giving me a um ride home. Since you're uh sober and all." I really think she's going to say no. Oh well it was worth a try.

Just before I was about to say nevermind she answers, "Um sure. Why not. Let's go, I'm parked right outside. Oh and my name is Winney by the way."

Wow. It actually worked on her. It worked on a sober girl. I put down some cash for the bartender and abandon my half full drink. We exit and I grab her hand she pulls back but I say, "Please? It's dark and I'm a bit woozy." She huffs and stick her hand out for me to grab. I smile and take it. She leads me across the street when safe and I get in the passenger side of her car. She hops in and starts the car.

"Okay so where do you live?" She asks me.

"Actually I was um wondering if I could uh go to your place. My friends would kill me if they saw me like this again right after we just went to therapy..." It was true, but I didn't care about them being mad. I just wanted to spend more time with her.

She thought about it for a while before pulling her car out of its parking spot. "I guess you can. But no funny business, alright? I'm not a one night stand kind of girl."

I smile to myself and stare out the window. Hopefully if remember tonight I'll remember the way to her house again. I'm starting to really like her. A while later, she speaks up softly, "So uh why were you in therapy today? Wait. You don't have to tell me now, you can tell me later if you want."

My ears perk up and I look at her. I smugly say, "Later?" Her eyes turn strictly on the road and she is now blushing red.

"I-I uh meant that um."

I step in quickly, "It's okay Winney. I'd love to see you again soon." By now I'm blushing and she parks and gets out. She shocks me by grabbing my hand again leading me up the steps to a nice apartment complex. We take the elevator and arrive at flat 7B. I instantly whip out my phone when she isn't looking and put 7B into it incase I forget tomorrow. I don't think I'm that drunk anymore anyways.

She steps inside and shows me to a room. "This is my guest bedroom. You can sleep here for tonight. If you need anything my room is the one to the left. So goodnight." She swiftly kisses my cheek and darts to her room closing the door.

I feel my cheek where she kissed it and felt butterflies. Woah. I think Winney might be special. I get in bed and fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

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