To The Moon and Back

"Who are you?" I asked, turning on my heel to face him.

"Really, I mean you're asking me to run away with you in a strange box, I should at least know your name."

He grinned, as if amused by an inside joke. His eyes glittered like the thousands of stars above us as he spoke,

"I'm the Doctor. Come away with me Roxie Davis. Come and see the stars."


2. Chapter 1- Welcome to my World

"Where the HELL have you been?"

My heart skipped a couple beats at the sound of Grant's voice.

"Shit." I whispered to nobody in particular.

I could hear his angry footsteps coming down the hallway, and the awful stench of alcohol. He was in one of his moods again. Great. Setting my bag on the couch, I spoke to him,

"You know where I was hun, I told you before I left."

Shaking my coat off onto the floor, I stay facing the wall with my back to him.

When I hear no response, I turn around and sigh,

"I went to the store to g-"

My words are cut off by Grant's hand slapping me across the face.

The impact throws me backwards onto the floor.

"Liar." He spits.

"I know you were with...him."

I wipe my mouth which is now gushing blood from an older wound now reopened.

"I wasn't! How many times do I have to tell-"

For a second time, I have no time to finish as he grabs me by the hair, dragging me down the hall, to the bathroom.

Shoving me against the sink, Grant locks the door.

His breath only confirms my suspicions that he had been drinking as he pushes his face to mine.

"Now you listen to me... I love you Roxie. So I'm gonna give you one more chance. One more chance to give me his name...Who are you sleeping with?"

Tears start to stream down my face.

"There is no man!" I say wiping my eyes.

"There has never been anyone but you... And there never will be!" I lie trying to stall the inevitable.

At first my boyfriend looks as if he's going to explode, but instead of swinging, his hands land on my hips. He pushes me up against the sink again, crashing his already moist lips onto mine.

I gave up trying to fight it months ago, letting him continue without any expression on my face.

"I knew I could trust you Rox." Grant says when he gets a breath.

"You're all mine."

About three hours later, I slowly drag myself out of the gloomy bathroom to find the apartment completely empty.

The deed had been done, just as it had been hundreds of thousands of time before.

I could barley walk, which wasn't uncommon... At least he hadn't tied me up like last time.

Limping carefully to the kitchen I lean against the stove, my shaking hands grasping the sides.

I spot a note left on the spotless countertop that Grant had made me polish countless times that week, and snatch it up.

It read:

Out to the pub with Jack.

Fix me dinner - it better be hot when I get home.

Clean the bathroom while you're at it.

Love you Babe,


I quickly tear the note into pieces which land on the newly mopped floor. Tears stream to my eyes once more as I slide down onto the ground. I was done. Completely and utterly done with living.

It had been two years since I move in with Grant. Since then he had done anything and everything to isolate me. Blackmailing my friends, family, even people I talked to on the street. I could have no one but him. Running away had crossed my mind many times but I never attempted to because I knew the second I stepped out those doors I'd always be running away from him, until he found me again.

But now anything sounded better than this shit whole I was in right now.

Tears still streaming down my face, my eyes locked onto the cabinet right next to the fridge. Opening it, I reached inside to find what I was looking for...a butcher knife.

If I was going to rid myself of Grant, why not make absolutely sure I would never have to worry about him again.

Sitting back down on the floor, I prepared myself for the incoming sharp pain. Knuckles white, clutching the knife, I closed my eyes, and...

Wait. What was that?

Outside, the most unrecognizable sound drifted across the wind into my apartment.

To this day I can still can not tell you what it sounded like.

But it was enough to stop my attempted suicide and pull me to the window.

What I saw was just as bizarre as the sound.

Outside, right in the middle on the parking lot... Was a bright blue Police box.

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