This is just a short story I wrote and submitted to the SQA as a piece of my Nat 5 English folio.


3. I had to.

I was tearing through the empty streets, frantically searching for any sign of life I could find. I started to hear people speaking, but I couldn’t find the source. I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying either, but they were using such a harsh tone, I knew it wasn’t something pleasant. They got louder and louder, until they started shouting, screaming abuse at me. I cowered in the corner of a porch.


Are you lost little child? You need to lose some weight. You look quite revolting. No one cares about you. No one is here to hear your screams. You’re worthless you know. You will never amount to anything. Everyone has left. Can’t you see? You’re alone.”


Each word pierced through my skin, deeper and deeper every time. I screamed out in agony, blood dripping down every inch of my body. The voices were laughing at me, laughing at my pain. They slowly faded out and I was once again left on my own. I started ripping up my jumper, using it to try and close some of the wounds but it was no good.


Struggling to get up, I started limping along the road, determined to find someone who could help me. I then saw a figure, standing in the middle of the road, their body was silhouetted by the street lights and their face was just visible. Looking lost and confused, they called out to me, asking if I was one of them. I observed their body. Like me, they were bloody and wounded, scarred and scared, bruised and broken. I quickly re-assured them that I was fighting the voices too, and they weren’t alone.


They gave me a warm smile, and started approaching me. With every step they took, they winced in pain. Fresh blood, trickling down their body. I was hurting them, with every step they took towards me, they were suffering. I couldn’t let that happen, I screamed at them to stop because they were getting hurt. I told them to get away from me, I was only hurting them. But they couldn’t see it, they just kept on coming and the voices started to laugh. It was a trap.


I had to run; there was nothing else I could do. Sitting in a corner, I held my knees firmly against my chest and sobbed. The voices just laughed at me, they were winning and I was letting them. I tightly closed my eyes and covered my ears, wishing it would end.


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