This is just a short story I wrote and submitted to the SQA as a piece of my Nat 5 English folio.


1. Apocalypse?

Walking through the deserted streets, I felt a chill brush against my right cheek and kiss my lips before leaving me again. The street lights were quite dim, some were even broken.


I’ve been walking for miles, but I’m not quite sure where I’m going. The night has seemed to last for quite some time, I’m not quite sure if I even know what daytime looks like any more.


Clutching onto my deadly weapon, I continued to walk towards this faint light in the distance, hoping that someone will be there to tell me what is going on. I’m so confused.


You see, it just sort of came out of no where. I’ve decided its some sort of apocalypse. I just woke up one day and it was dark, my bedroom light was on but it wasn’t very bright at all. I went down the stairs looking for my parents but they were no where to be seen. Slightly confused, I checked the whole house for a note, a sign, something that would tell me where they were. Nothing.


I turned on the TV, hoping there would be some sort of broadcast on that would tell me what was going on. Flicking through the channels, there was nothing. Every single channel I passed ended up just being fuzz.


I finally got to one channel, it was a news station. There was a woman sitting there, looking petrified to say the least. The channel kept on kicking out. Smacking the T.V , trying to get it to work, I managed to catch all of what she was saying.


I would like to advise anyone that is listening not to go out doors. The streets aren’t safe anymore. Stock up on supplies, and board up your houses. What ever you do, do not let them in.”


She almost spaces out for a minute, then the screen goes blank and a gut wrenching scream pierces through your soul. After that, it just repeats itself. Over and over and over. Who or what, are they referring to?

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