You Are All I Need

Zoe is really insecure about herself deep inside. She can hide all her fears and past with an adorable smile. But one day when her past is revealed to everyone will she deny the truth or just tell everyone? But no matter what decision she makes, there will always be someone beside her, protecting her.. Harry Styles.



Harry's POV

"Erm, hello. We saw that the boys of one direction were here so we wanted to come and say hi. Im Zoe, and this is my bestfriend Emily."

Oh. My. Damn. God. She is fucking beautiful.

"Well, hello darling." Louis said.

"Erm, hello." Zoe said.

"So how are you babe?"

"Good, you?"

"Good, and you babe?" Louis said looking at Emily.

"Im good aswell, we love you all so much."

I didnt say anything i just stood there admiring Zoe's beauty. I think she realised and we both started to blush, she really did need to be mine.

"Aaw, we love you aswell." Liam said.

"Erm, girls if you would like to keep in touch, i could give you my number?" I said, im not sure if that was a mistake but the look Louis gave me was deathly.

"Ok, so what is it?" Zoe said

After giving the girls our numbers, they went and i quickly went up to Louis.

"They were beautiful, dont you think?"

"Yes Harry they were, but that doesnt give you the right to quickly give them your, more like our numbers."

"What do you mean? I finally found myself a girl, Zoe is god damn beautiful i loved her at first sight."

"Harry, you dont even know her properly. What if shes a slag? You dont know anything about her past."

"Yes, i dont. But i want to know, and by getting to know her more i will decide if i we can work out, or not."

"Okay mate, goodluck then." He said with a wink.


In bed that night, i kept thinking about Zoe, but i was also thinking about what Louis said. He was right. I didnt know much about her. But i really did feel something towards her. Okay i had to make a decision. If she calls me tomorrow, i will go out on a date with her and get to know her more. If she doesnt call, i will forget about her forever.

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