You Are All I Need

Zoe is really insecure about herself deep inside. She can hide all her fears and past with an adorable smile. But one day when her past is revealed to everyone will she deny the truth or just tell everyone? But no matter what decision she makes, there will always be someone beside her, protecting her.. Harry Styles.



Zoe's POV

"Zoe, get your arse here, before i come there and kick your face"

I could hear Emily screaming from downstairs, god damn that girl has some serious patience issues. I quickly put on some red lipstick and rushed down the stairs.

"Whats wrong with you? No seriously cant you wait for two bloody minutes?"

"No i cant wait for 'two bloody minutes', we are going to be late"

"Shutup, put your shoes on and lets go"

"Someones moody today"

"Me or you?"

"Just shutup"

Me and Emily always argue, its the way our friendship is. I love it when i make her angry, she looks so funny.


*in the car*

"So Zoe, today my aim is to find you a boyfriend"

"Emily please, i dont have time for a relationship, and what if it doesnt work out in the end i dont want to be broken"

"Zoozii bear, i dont care what you say im finding you a boy"

She always calls me 'zoozii bear' when shes up to something so i really want to know whats going on in her fishbrain.

We are going clubbing tonight and i dont really want to, i'm probably just tired i guess but i seriously am not in the mood to be dancing.

"Zoe, i am so exciteddd"

"Emily, you are so immature, its a club. Somewhere we come nearly every weekend why are you excited?"

"Not for the club poohead, to find you a boy"

"Goodluck with that"


*inside the club*

"ZOE! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg! Omg!"

"What is it Emily?"

"Harry Fucking Styles"

"What about him?"

"He is here!"

"Bitch please"

"Believe me, he is"

"Wher- OMG! He is so sexyyyy! Look at Zayn, oh my god Liam aaw Niall and Louisss!"

"Lets go next to them"


Harry's POV

I seriously need to find myself a girl this night. Nearly all the boys have one except for me and Niall. I am looking around but none of these girls are my type.

"Lou, have you found one"

"Harry, im not here to find you a girl mate."

"But your my bestfriend"

"Ok, ok the others are aswell tonight your getting some action boyyyy"


Argh Louis always manages to make me laugh, i really do wonder what he has in his brain.


"Yeah Lou"

"Look at those girls coming towards us"


Oh my days. Her beautiful brown hair was curled and let loose, the tight body con dress she was wearing showed off her figure perfectly and as she came closer the sparkle in her hazel eyes was unexplainable. She had to be mine. There was something about this girl, that was different. I don't even know her name but i know she belongs to me, that she makes me complete. This is definitely love at first sight..

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