Kirby's Pizza Delivery

From the Super Smash Bros universe. Kirby is an aspiring pizza boy, as he delivers pizzas across the Smash Bros universe. Who will he meet? Will he deliver every pizza? Read to find out!


2. More Universes than Ever Before!

(In a parallel dimension, far away from Kirby's home, we see Meta Knight and King Dedede sitting in the control room of the Rapidus, Meta Knight's brand new super-ship.)

Meta Knight: King Dedede, we have found Kirby in the realm of that idiot Sonic!

Dedede: Excellent! We shall eradicate him and his and Kirby!

(One of his Waddle Dee henchmen storms into the control room.)

Waddle Dee: Sire! Your greatness! I have found info of the friends of Kirby!

Dedede: Nice work, Henchman #12! I think I'll give you a promotion just for this!

Waddle: Really?

Dedede: Hahahaha! NO. Get back to work!

Waddle: *sigh*, Yes sir...

(He slowly walks out of the room.)

Meta Knight: Sir, we have new info on the Ultimadimensioner! Apparently we can reconfigure this portal because it's an element! Although it's risky, seeing as the portal is most definitely unstable.

Dedede: Well, what are we waiting for?

(Dedede highlights the portal that Kirby went through, and destroys the portal.)


Kirby: So I was just playing my Nintendo Wii when suddenly I had this terrible hunger!

(The portal starts flashing.)

Sonic: Yo, whats with the portal?

Kirby: I don't know...

Sonic: Maybe it's updating or somethi-

(BOOM! With a thundering roar, the portal dissappears.)

Sonic: Holy smokes! The portal's gone!

Kirby: Well, now how am I going to deliver all these...

(He touches one of the pizzas.)

Kirby: Stone cold pizzas to my customers? 

Sonic: Well, there's a few more portals all across Green Hill! Come on, I'll show you!

(Kirby hops onto the back of Sonic, as they start running across Green Hill. The portals, as they run, start disappearing.)

Kirby: Oh no! This is really bad!

(Sonic starts running really fast, as they come across one portal that has not disappeared.)

Kirby: Dream Land!

(They jump into the portal, as it disappears right when they go through it. Suddenly, the whole realm of Sonic's universe starts crumbling.)

Meta Knight: Since there is no way of getting to Sonic's universe, it will no longer exist!

Dedede: Oh man, we are so evil!

(Meanwhile, Sonic and Kirby are wandering Dream Land when they come across another portal.

Kirby: Wait, let me try something.

(He walks up to the portal.)

Kirby: All known universes!

(The portal displays a large menu.)

Kirby: Wow! That's like 19 universes!

Sonic: Great...

Kirby: I guess you're going to have to live here for a while.

Sonic: Yeah...

Kirby: Let's go to my place.

(They walk off towards Kirby's house.)

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