Kirby's Pizza Delivery

From the Super Smash Bros universe. Kirby is an aspiring pizza boy, as he delivers pizzas across the Smash Bros universe. Who will he meet? Will he deliver every pizza? Read to find out!


4. Kirby Doesn't Get Enough Cash!

Sonic: Dude, when are we going to reach this guys castle?

Kirby: It feels like forever.

(Kirby checks his watch.)

Kirby: It's only been 10 minutes?!

Sonic: *groan* This is so boring! This is what you do for a living?

Kirby: Normally I don't have to go to other worlds.

(As they're walking, they're stopped by one of the Koopa kids.)

Roy: Halt! State your business!

Kirby: Bowser ordered a pizza, and I'm delivering it to him.

Roy: Oh, well come on in!

(They lead Kirby and Sonic to Bowser.)

Ludwig (whispering to Lemmy): Hey Lemmy, how do we know these guys aren't going to totally wreck us?

Lemmy (whispering to Ludwig): Just let it happen, Ludwig. If something does happen, we'll know what to do.

(They arrive at castle, confronting Bowser at the front step.)

Bowser: Welcome back, Koopalings! Now, who are these weaklings?

Kirby: I got the pizza you ordered!

Bowser: Oh! You're the delivery guy?

Kirby: Yeah, I wish I was getting paid more for this though.

(Bowser opens the pizza box and eats a slice.)

Bowser: Ugh, it's cold!

Kirby: Don't you have a microwave or something?

Bowser: Well, after traveling nearly 5 miles, I would expect my pizza to be a little warmer!

(Sonic and Kirby stare at Bowser blankly.)

Bowser: Fine, here's your cash.

(He hands Kirby 5 dollars.)

Kirby: Sweet, profit!

(He turns to Sonic.)

Kirby: Hey, you never paid for your pizza!

Sonic: Sorry man, got no cash!

(Kirby punches Sonic in the arm.)

Sonic: Hey!

(Kirby and Sonic are walking away from Bowser's Castle, as Kirby is browsing his delivery list.)

Kirby: Ugh...This is terrible...

Sonic: What's your next delivery?

(Kirby hands the list to Sonic.)

Sonic: Oh great.

(Back in Dream Land...)

Sonic: Dude, how the heck is this going to work?

Kirby: I don't know. I mean, they hate me!

Sonic: I know...I think you're just going to have to deal with it.

(Kirby starts crying.)

Sonic: Wuss!

Kirby: Hey! Sometimes I get emotional!

(He continues crying as Sonic sits awkwardly.)

Sonic: Um...awkward...

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