Kirby's Pizza Delivery

From the Super Smash Bros universe. Kirby is an aspiring pizza boy, as he delivers pizzas across the Smash Bros universe. Who will he meet? Will he deliver every pizza? Read to find out!


3. It's Getting Hot in Here!

Sonic: Oh man, I'm so full! How much food do you have?

Kirby: Man, I don't even know.

Sonic: Too bad you don't have any chili dogs.

Kirby: Okay, who do I have to deliver to now...

(He looks up with a worried state.)

Sonic: What's wrong?

Kirby: Sonic...I hope you like fire.

(They exit Kirby's house, and they walk over to one of the portals.)

Kirby: Mushroom Kingdom.

Sonic: What's so bad about the Mushroom Kingdom?

Kirby: You'll see.

(Kirby walks through the portal, with Sonic following after. After walking for hours and hours, they come across a strange green portal.)

Sonic: Whoa. Why is this one green?

Kirby: Hold on...I think this portal is for areas in this world!

Sonic: Try it!

Kirby: Okay. Bowser's Castle!

(An image of Bowser's Castle appears on the portal.)

Sonic: That's so awesome!

Kirby: Lets get this over with!

(Kirby and Sonic slowly step through the portal.)

Sonic: Geez, It's hot in here.

Kirby: Trust me, it gets worse.

(Meanwhile, Bowser is watching from his castle.)

Bowser: Ah yes, it's my favorite pink puffball and annoying hedgehog.

(He activates his intercom.)

Bowser: ATTENTION ALL MINIONS! We have a couple of intruders in our kingdom! Find them and destroy them!

(All of the Koopas and Goombas rush out of the castle.)

Kirby: *huff*...I really wish I wore shoes...

Sonic: Yeah...I'm sweating bullets right now...

Kirby: I hope Bowser likes his pizza really cold.

(They look up to see the minions rushing towards them.)

Kirby: Oh great.

(Kirby jumps in the air and lands on one of the Koopas. The Koopa goes into his shell. Sonic grabs the shell, and throws it like a bowling ball, knocking over tons over Goombas and Koopas. Kirby sucks up one of the Koopas, and gains the Shell ability. He slides across the ground, and hundreds of Goombas fly into the lava below.)

Sonic: Wow. I was not expecting that.


Bowser: Dammit! I've just lost half of my minions! And my minion-maker is on the fritz!

Peach: Maybe you should send out your Koopa kids.

Bowser: Great idea! I'm such a genius! 

(He walks out of the room, and closes the door.)

Peach: Jerk.

(In the other room, Bowser is talking to his Koopa kids.)

Bowser: My beloved children! We have a intruders in our kingdom! Rush out one by one!

(His phone rings.)

Bowser: Hello?

King Dedede: Hey Bowser! What's up?

Bowser: Nothin' much sister! How's that Meta Knight of yours?

King Dedede: Pretty slick! I just these new pumps! They are SO fab!

Bowser: OMG! Are they the red ones from Luigi Versace?

King Dedede: *gasp* How'd you know?!

Bowser: Girl, I've been eyeing those things for days!

Peach: Bowser, what are you DOING?

Bowser: Shut up mom!

(Bowser looks at his master screen, and sees his Koopa kids are in battle positions.)

Bowser: Excellent...

King Dedede:  What's excellent?

Bowser: I'll call you back D3.

(He puts down the phone and walks out of his castle.)

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