Free Falling

You can always find something, just out of the corner of your eye. I saw something fall, I couldn't explain it. But in school I learned that an object in motion stays in motion.
I'm Ellie Haron,
and this is my story.
(amaze cover by K.E. Kamiko thanks love, xoxo)


3. What Happened?

Now, I needed some time for myself halfway through the interview, so i asked to go to the bathroom, and they said it was fine.

I walked out of the stuffy room, and an ON-AIR sign was up, but it wasn't glowing, so I assumed they had stopped. I was dead wrong. 

I was walking out to the patio and I saw... A VENDING MACHINE! It was the kind with gummies, and pretzels, and chips! It was right next to a soda machine. I grabbed $10 out of my pocket and bought 5 bags of jelly capsules (gummy worms but as jelly beans) and 3 Mello Yellos. I was walking around and you know, tripped and spilled the soda all over the ground. Eek. I decided to run like it had never happened. 

I walked back into the recording/radio room and sat down.

"Excuse me Miss, but do you 'like' the Doctor?"

"No. He left me in the room for months, and I was stuck in there for days, without food, you think he is just the most magnificent person ever but you are dead wrong. I cant wait for the time when he comes back again. He never dies, and I cant describe how happy I will be when, he comes back, because I'll be there to fight with him, yell at him, and do what enemies do."

"Now, you speak of a room.... What kind of room?"

"A mental hospital, asylum if it makes you feel better."

The word just sent chills down my spine, and I almost lashed out, just saying it.

I started to choke on my words. 

"I cant even remember the pain, but I was so hungry, and he would leave me for months, just starving. I couldn't move, he's not 'fantastic' or anything like that, he's the worst thing you will ever meet."

It was horrible talking about it.

I started to cry, and I ran out of the room, slamming the door behind me, I couldn't speak of it, it hurt me too much.

I fell down running out of the building, and a hand reached down for me. It was the face I wanted to see least, the one I hated, the one I could slap all day, and not feel any remorse.

                                                                  THE END

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