Alive (sexual content)

isabelle peyton is just a normal shy girl from Cheshire,England she moved to a new school will her life change/ when she meets a tall curly hair named harry styles will he make her feel alive?

hey guys I know I never finish nothing but this time I am promise/ sexual contents


2. chapter 1

isabelle.p.o.v   I heard my alarm beep argh I turned around 6:34 I had an hour to get ready I got up and walk straight to the restroom I took a look on my self wow I looked like shrek i turn the fossid on getting my tooth brush I added paste on it and started to brush my teeth I finished with my cleaning my face part, I walked to my small closet and scan for something decent today was my first day of school well for me I barely moved to my own apartment im 18 and I couldn't stand my parents they expected to much from me so I worked my ass off to get my own apartment, I still worked as a waitress in nandos I hated my job, I found black skinny's and a red V-neck shirt I got dressed and searched for my black boots boii did I love those boots, I quickly slide them on I ran to my room and grabbed my purse phone and keys, I walked outside the door and smell the fresh air, it took 10 minute walk to walk to my new school yeah yeah I don't have car but im saving for one, well I got start moving my feet, I took me 15 minutes to get there Kinsey high school(made up) and by the way im a senior, I sat in a bench suddenly two girls came up to me "hey nice hair a pretty"  brunette said she was with a tall brunnete thick girl wow I looked like shit,"im cindy and shes stefanyy" cindy smiled," hey" I smiled back, " can we seat" she  asked, "what sure yeahh" sit I smiled, I could tell stefany was quiet, "your new arnt you" cindy asked "yeah is it the obvious" I laughed



harry.p.o.v" harry harry"! my mom anne voice woke me up "fuck! " I said "way heyy that language" my mom opend the door,"sorry mom you know im not a morning person" I brushed my hair with my fingers," yeah hurry up your gonna be late" my mom closed the door behind her.  fuck school theirs nothing interesting about it I already fucked all 12 grade girls well some of them cuz their hot, I walked to my closet and got black skinny's  and a red V-neck shirt  I slid my black boots on, I walked to the sink and washed my teeth and faced,i grabbed my phone and keys to my new car  a black bmw I walked down stair heading to the door, your not going to eat my mom hold a plate, no ill get something in the way I closed the door lied im not hungry wich was weird im always hungry,i opened the door to my car and started the engine I started to drive to that shitty school, 3 minute drive was to  the school, I turned my engine off and hoped off I walked staright to niall that was smoking a cigarrate like always staring at stefany why haven't I fucked her oh yeah is nialls dream girl, "hey pall" I slapped niall in the back," harry! broo" niall  smiled  "harry you said you weren't gonna a twin for twin day "niall looked at me, " what no! why you say that"i said bringin my eyes together," look where cindy and stefany are standing" niall pointed I quickly looked around there it was a girl dressed just like me wtf same boots who is she I asked to much " lets walk over there niall" I said me and niall walked where they where, I was getting closer woah she was hot, "hello" I said with a smirk  she looked surprise  " harry woah yall are wearing the same clothes" cindy seemd surprise," I guessed we are" I tried not to looked scared I was cared for some reason he was soo hot wait typical bad boy I tought , " I guess yall are going to be together the entire day" stefany laugh, finally shes talked , "what why" I sounded creeped out, " well your a newby  theirs a twin day where you have to stay with your partner the whole day doing a project who the fuck knows what but your staying in a room working on that shit" niall ran out of breath," amm noo were not  am I dint planned this" I sturtter. " its okay love we can work this out" harry that's his name said with a smirk, I don't know about this, the bell rang  relived washed over me I walk through the door  " hey love wait up your staying with me" harry grabbed my waist , " excuse me but no" I harsly took hes arm around me ,"feisty arnt you love" he laugh ' and my name is isabelle" I corrected him we walked to a small room  he opened the door and their was a teacher standing infront of us," styles I see you have a twin" the old man said " yeah whatever just tell us what where doing" man  he  walked pass trhough him . how rude, " hello my name is mr.herbert I see your new here" he smiled " yes I am" I said politely, ' so yo two are going to creat the school shirts designed them and be creative" mr, Herbert claped his hand, he walked out the door  argh I tought he was going to stay with us I don't want to be with this all hot green eye sexy what noo stop isa " belle back to earth" I heard harry,i smiled  at how  he called me  belle I liked it, " soo " he said laying down in a desk" so what we have to work" I threw my bag to the floor, " get up and helped draw this" I commanded " excuse me no one tells me what to do" he got up and walked straight to me he to closed super closed I backed u until I hit  a desk, fucking desk, hes green eyes look straight at me. " now I said lets get to work" his hot breath send me shivers, " ah okay" I looked so fucking scared, I quickly walked to a shelf full of supplies I grabbed pencils colors markers and a lot of paper . I set them down th empty desk, I started working on my shirt it was silence soo silence that I had to break it " so hows you shirt so far" I curiously  asked " look" he hold it up, it was beautiful It had many colors and the school name in the back it was so creative." its soo awesome"  I smiled " thanks hows yors going" he asked  I lokeed on my paper their where cheer things in it, it was stupid I rolled it up" its dumb" I smiled " just let me see it" he walked towards me  he grabbed it and looked at it " woaah" he laugh "ohw shut up" I laughed "no its good "le tme show you I said , he drew some of the things I had in my paper to his " look it looks good huh" he smiled " yes we are definitely showing this to the principal" I giggled  he smiled " its launch time want to go get something" he said " amm sure " I said " don't  be scared  lov mean belle" I  leaned to the desk " fine lets go" I smiled






okay ill update tomorrow was it short idk  but im tired ill update tommorrow

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