Sex with styles

Allison with Harry.. Forever? Read to find out.


4. chapter 4

Harry's POV- I was driving down the road when I finally got to Allison's. I stepped out and it was silent and dark. I went inside and pointed the gun at every turn I took. I walked Into Allison's room and her and grace where taped up both naked crying. I rushed over and untied them both, then I gave then some blankets to rap up in.

Allison's POV- "what happened?" Harry asked,

"Me and grace where both raped and they left!!" Allison said.

* 4 hours later *

"Okay, thanks a lot!" Harry said while getting off the phone.

Harry's POV- "Okay grace is staying with her parents and well, Allison, your staying with me for now on."

Allison's face lit up with excitement.

"Tomorrow we are all Comeing back to pick up y'all's stuff." I said.

We drove grace home that night and finally arrived at my house we got out and went inside. We where both extremely dirty so we got in the shower. Together, she washed my body while I washed hers and it was rather fun. I got hard though. -

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