Sex with styles

Allison with Harry.. Forever? Read to find out.


3. chapter 3

Harry's POV- Niall busted into the door saying "I forgot my phone lads." When he noticed we where about to kiss he said "oh.. Okay then." then grabbing his phone and leaving.

"Was he mad?" Allison asked.

"I'm not really sure babe.. Now let's finish that kiss." I said back.

Later that night Allison went home and I got a call from Liam.

"So your dating Allison?" He asked me.

"Yah.. Why?" I said back.

"Every time you get a girlfriend you always act different and never have enough time for us." Liam said.

"Well, sorry. I love Allison and y'all can't change that." I said back to Liam sternly.

"Whatever mate. BYE!" Liam yelled back.

I mean I felt bad for the 4 of them but Allison was soooo amazing..

What do I do..

Break up with Allison and hang with the boys or

Keep dating Allison.

Why was life so difficult for me..


Then my phone rang and it was Liam.

"Sorry mate, for the way I spoke to you. I'm really really sorry. I would date Allison if I had the chance to too. So go for it, you never know she could be the one." Liam said

"Thanks!!! I didn't want you to be mad." I said back.

"I'm not,. Well bye!" Liam said. I hung up the phone and decided that I needed a shower.

I went to the bathroom and opened up the closet,

Inside was towels everywhere!

I decided to go with the green one. I grabbed my towel and turned on the shower.

I took off my clothes and stepped inside.

I watched as the warm, clear water ran of my tan body.

I sit there motionless thinking about my life ahead with Allison..

Good.. Bad? I didn't really know, I would just have to wait.

I got tired of standing in the shower so I washed my body and hair as walked out. Since I was in a house by myself I could walk around naked.

I walked into my room naked and tried to find some boxers.

I found some boxers and slipped them on.

I picked my iPhone off the bed and turned to the lock screen the time was 12:45.

It was getting late so I decided to go ahead and lay down. I checked one last time on my Instagram and my eyes fell shut.

* 1 hour later *

I was awoken by a phone call from Allison.

I picked up and she said "Harry, please come over right away hurry!!! I need you!!" Then the phone hung up.

I grabbed my keys and put on some clothes just as I was walking out the door I looked in my side drawer and grabbed my pistol. -

Hope you guys liked it! What's happening at Allison's house?

Is she okay? Wait till next update to find out!

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