Sex with styles

Allison with Harry.. Forever? Read to find out.


2. chapter 2

Allison's POV- That morning I woke up and looked in the mirror. On the ground laid a piece of paper I lifted it up and on the inside was Harry's number. I put his number into my phone with some hearts after it. Then I texted him saying "hi.(:" we texted for days and days. We hungout almost everyday. It was like magic. A perfect guy for me.. That day at work I decided to go him with him.

We got there and inside was so clean and well put together.

* 4 hours later *

We where sitting on the couch watching "the voice." When we heard two knocks on the door and there was multiple boy voices from outside.

Harry said "excuse me."

He went to open the door and 4 guys came barging in. One with an Irish accent but 3 with British like Harry.

"Allison these are my bestfriends."

"Basically brothers!" The Irish one said interrupting Harry.

I felt a magnetic spark between my and the Blonde haired one.

Harry later introduced them and the names were

Niall, zayn, Liam, and Louis.

Niall was really cute. But I had my eye set on Harry anyways. Later that night it was just me and Harry so it was more relaxing.

He leaned into my ear and asked "wanna go out?"

I happily said yes. So there I was on my boyfriends couch. Scrolling through my tumblr feed when something hit me.. We leaned in for a kiss when the doer flung open and.. -

Sorry it took so long!! I've been super busy,

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