I got a car

He says he has a car. Is that all he has to offer? 15+

And yes I did base this off of a country song! oops��


2. chapter 1

"GOT MAH FIRST REAL SIX STRING!" I yelled while keeping my eyes on the road while driving. "BOUGHT IT AT THE FINE AND DINE!" I continued. " I don't understand why you like this song Sarah it's old and terrible." I heard my best friend ,Emma, say to me. "It's not that bad. In fact it's not bad at all! Let's turn this shit up!" I replied.

Hi I'm Sarah Dallas I'm 19 and have brown hair with brown eyes. I hate it I'm so plain. Why can't I have red hair like strawberry blonde or something! That would be a dream I've always wanted red hair, but my mum would never let me get it. But I'm on my own now, well along with Emma. I can do what ever I want when I want where I want it..well sorta.

I can't wait for us to get there. We're starting college next week in Ireland and I just can't wait!

"Hey! I just wanna tell you this before we get there." I said to Emma. "I call the big room!"

"You always get the big room no fair Sarah!" She whined. "Yeah I guess I do and it's gonna stay like that!" I replied. "Well fuck you then." I heard her mumble under her breath.


"Ahhh it's perfect" I yelled across the house to Emma. "Tell me about it!" She said. Emma loves to cook so she spent most of the time in the kitchen exploring.


After exploring for a few hours I got tired and started watching tv. Some weird show where the guy has five wives! I mean come on people! I probably couldn't deal with one wife with all the hormones and shit! Terrible! Ok, I really need fresh air!!

"Emm! I'm going for a walk be back later!" I called.

"Ok! don't be to long! Or I'll get worried!"

"Whatever! bye!"

And I was out the door before she could reply.

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