My best friends boy!!!

So my best friend Devan piper met this guy louis Tomlinson from one direction and they invited her on tour but she made me come will there be more then her and Lou after I meet mr. Styles


5. the date

Devans p.o.v

I am getting ready I decided to were a mini dress that is red with a black belt on the stomach and a black pumps I got a text saying I'm hear so I went out side and there he was louis leaning on the car hi gorgeous I blush hi louis he opened my door and off we went !

Lexis p.o.v

I picked out Devan outfit for her date with louis and she looked beautiful after she left I was in sweats and a tank top with a messy ponytail I was watching were the millers and dying of laughter my phone went off and I looked at it lexis do u want to hang out ~harry

Sure why don't u come over~ Lexi ok I'll be there in a few~harry

I finished my movie then a few minutes harry knocked on the door I open the door and let him In hi lexis hey harry he goes and sits on the couch do u want any thing to drink no thank u come sit ok I sit over bye him and we decided to watch movie it was a scary movie I jumped and ended up in Harry's arms I just blushed from embarrassment hey harry do u want to go on a walk ya I would love to ok let me get changed I put on some skinny jeans and a white V-neck with converses let's go we just talked about r life and stuff

Harry's p.o.v

So lexis do u like one direction um ya u guys are pretty good oh thank u she giggles and smiles her giggle is amazing and don't get me started with her smile we found r way to a park and sat and talked until it started to rain I gave her my jacket and she blushed we were walking and were In front of her flat it was pouring bye now we were about to walk in wait I grabbed her hand I've always wanted to do this I I push her against me an smash my lips on her it was perfect we pull apart u always wanted to kiss me or kiss in the rain she says with a smirk both now let's go inside Devan was here with us and I walked her to her door and kissed her goodbye and left I told her to keep my sweater . I can't believe I kissed her she is amazing .

Lexis p.o.v

I walk in with the biggest smile on my face what Devan asked I kissed harry in the rain I like him a lot omg lexi that amazing so what happened at your date o nothin just LOUIS ASKED ME OUT !!! Yaaa I can't believe it now let's go to bed I get back in my sweats and sleep with Harry's sweater that night !

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