Can't Live Without (Sequel to Irresistible)

Niall and Casey has been married for three months, and they also had a baby on the way. However, their love was being put to the test. Would they resolve all of the challenges? Sometimes, all of the troubles come after marriage.
(please read the previous my previous book to make sense of this one)


22. Vancouver

This morning surprisingly  I woke up before Case; I guess she was still in the whole mess of jet lag. She was still peacefully asleep in my arms, smiling. How long have I waited for our lives to be back to normal like this? Long enough to teach me a lesson and never do anything that jeopardize our marriage again.

I have been watching her sleep for the past 15 minutes; I hated to leave her and potencially wake her up, but I really needed to use the loo.  So I slowly pulled my arm from underneath her waist.  Before I tip-toed to the loo, my movement getting off of bed was too big and accidentally woke her. 

"Nialler, where are you going? don't go! It cold! Come back and cuddle!" she cutely whined.

"Sorry to wake you up babe but I really need to pee!"

"Nooooo come back!!" she cried.

"I promise I'll be back in no time and then we can cuddle for as long as you want!"


And so I went and got back in bed in less than 30 seconds.

"See? That was pretty good!" I smirked.

"Now cuddle!" she said and reached out her arms so I could take her into m embrace.

"Yes ma'am! Anything for my queen!"

"Since when did I upgrade to queen?" she laughed and asked.

"Well I thought if we have a daughter, then she will be my princess, so you are my queen!" I said and kissed her forehead.

"I don't mind that at all!"

After we cuddled for another twenty minutes, it was already 10:30. I was really excited to walk around Vancouver and be like a tourist with Case as my tour guide! So I interrupted the romantic peaceful silence.

"Babe?" I started drawing circles on her back.


"When are you gonna take me around your city?"

"You're excited aren't you?" she cheekily asked.

"You know me too well!"

"Alright~ let's get up and get ready! We can go have brunch first!"

"Yay food!!" I cheered and jumped off the bed and pulled my beautiful wife up with me.


So we went to Denny's to have brunch and went to Stanley Park.  As we were holding hands walking around the park, some fans noticed us. Once one fan noticed, more and more came. I was bombarded by the fans and Casey was getting pushed out of the circle.  I was afraid that she would fall, so I had to do something.

"Hey guys! It's nice to see you here! I'll take pictures with you, but you gotta promise me to be gentle with each other ok? and most importantly my wife there who is already pushed away from me!" I was a bit angry at the end of my speech, but thank goodness Case comforted me.

"Honey, don't worry about me! I'll give you some time with your fans and i'm gonna go grab us some coffee!" she shouted through the crowd.

"OK! Be careful, babe!"

"I will!"

After 15 minutes of signing and picture-taking, I was finally left alone. Just as I was feeling lost in the park, I turned around and saw Case walking towards me with two cups of coffee in her hands.  I couldn't help myself but admire her beauty as she walked closer and closer.  Her baby bump was showing a little bit.

"Ready to go?" she asked and handed me the coffee.

"Yep! Where to next?"

"Let's go the aquarium! I wanna go see the sea otters!" She suggested with extreme excitement.

"Sounds good! Let's go!"

Once we got into the aquarium, Case went straight to see the sea otters.  The perk of having a animal-lover wife is that she can tell me everything about mammals; the downside about that is I have to wait for her as she admired the sea otters for 20 minutes.

"Babe, can we go see something else now?" I whined

"But they are so cute!!" she gave me a puppy face.

"You're cuter!" 

"Cheeky! Fine...let's go!"

So we went around the aquarium and saw dolphins, beluga, penguins, tropic animals, and jellyfishes.  We also saw a 4D movie!

"Shall we go now?" she asked.

"Sure! Where to now, my sexy personal tour guide?" I smirked.

"We can take the big red bus that takes us around Downtown?" she suggested.

"Like the big red bus in London?" I asked.

"Similar shape but smaller."

"Let's do it!"

Once we were on the bus, I suddenly thought of Nando's (don't ask me why...).

"Babe, are there Nandos around?"


"Then why didn't you take me there for our brunch?"

"Coz I didn't want to eat Nandos."

"But you love Nandos!"

"I do! but you know how the whole pregnancy thing can mess up a woman's appetite?"

"Oh right, ok, never mind!"

"Sorry, Nialler" she said and rested her head on my shoulder.

"Don't be! We'll just have to eat tons of Nandos after the baby is born!"

"Whatever you say!"


The tour really went around the whole Downtown! It was interesting to see how different is was from London, and I really enjoyed it.  Maybe I should consider moving back to Vancouver with Case once I retire in the future hahaha. Before dinner time hit, we went to the mall to do some shopping.  Normally we would go to shoes stores or clothing stores, but today we went to baby stores! Since we didn't know the gender of our baby yet, we decided to buy neutral colour toys, bottles, hats, mittens, socks, and a lot more.  The feeling of shopping for baby things with Case and unbelievably surreal.  I still couldn't believe that I was going to be a dad soon!

For dinner, I wanted to take Case to the restuarant above Harbour Centre that the tour guide on the red bus talked about, but Case said that it was a fancy restaurant that has a dress code.  So we called to make a reservation and went back to the hotel to change since we needed to wait for an hour.  

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