Can't Live Without (Sequel to Irresistible)

Niall and Casey has been married for three months, and they also had a baby on the way. However, their love was being put to the test. Would they resolve all of the challenges? Sometimes, all of the troubles come after marriage.
(please read the previous my previous book to make sense of this one)


12. Red

Casey's POV

I couldn't take it anymore; the pain in my chest is overwhelming. I never took off the promise ring that Niall gave me; I made it into a necklace.  It was the first time that I took it off for good and threw it at the bathroom door.  The loud sound caused Luke to asked, "Casey, are you ok? what just happened? please let me in!"

"Go away, Luke! PLEASE! Just leave me be!" I yelled through my breathless sobs. He didn't say anything.

I had to make the pain stop; I needed to find something that was gonna hurt more than heartbreak.  I knew clearly that I souldn't take out the swiss blade in the drawer, but I had to.  I knew I had to cut somewhere less noticable, so I chose inner thigh.  As the blade touched my skin, I took a deep breath before digging it into my skin.  A stream of red liquid slowly flow down my thigh and onto the icy cold floor. I heart felt like it wasn't hurting anymore, so I cut again and again.  I stopped at five and dropped the blade beside me.  Staring at the blood reaching the door, I was getting dizzy.  Everything backed out.


Luke's POV

I stopped banging on the door coz I knew Casey won't open the door.  I just sat down and leaned against the door.  Listening to her sobs, my heart began to ache.  It wasn't until that moment when I realized that I had fallen in love with her.  But I couldn't do anything! She was Niall's wife!  And now he treated her like that?! I just sat there powerless.  Suddenly she stopped crying; the silence scared me.  Then I felt something cold reaching my hand on the floor.  Red.  Blood.  WHAT THE FUCK?! SHIT SHE'S KILLING HERSELF! I wasn't letting that happen.  I used my shoulder to knocked the door open and found her fragile body lying lifelessly on the floor in her own pool of blood.  I quickly took a towel and wrapped it tight around her thigh to stop the bleeding.  I called the police while I check her pulse.  Thank god she was still alive, but the pulse was weak.

I sat on the dry part of the floor and pulled her little body into my embrace.  She was icy cold.  Why was the ambulance taking so long?  It felt like forever when only three minutes passed by.  "How could you do something so stupid? Even if Niall didn't love you anymore, I love you! I can take care of you! There's so many people that love you!" I cried.

When the ambulance finally got here, I lied to them saying I was her cousin or else they wouldn't let me see her once she's out of the ER or OR.  On the way to the hospital, the place we all gotten so used to after the car accident,  I prayed and prayed for Casey to be ok.  Once we got there, they rushed her onto surgery; all I could do was waiting outside for the good news. 

While I had nothing to do, I thought I should called Ashley since Casey's family wasn't in London and Ashley is the closest friend Casey has except the bands.  Ashley was cursing through the phone and I told her to calm down and come to the hospital. She got here within 5 minutes and lied to the nurse too saying she was my sister for the same purpose.  

We waited until Casey got out of the OR alive and into a single room to call the other boys. I knew the whole entire band of 1D would be too drunk to answer their phones and Michael and Calum too, so I called Ashton.  He picked up at the second ring.

"Hey man! What's up? Where are you anyways?" he asked soberly.

"Lots are up, and I am at the hospital."

"No shit! What the fuck happened? Are you ok?" he almost yelled.

"I'm alright, but I can't quite say the same for Casey."

"What do you mean?"

I told Ashton the whole story like I told Ashley, and he wanted to come but I stopped him.

"Ash you need to tell the other boys! Tell them right now if they're sober enough, or drive them all back to Niall's place and tell them in the morning," I instructed.

"They're all pretty wasted; I guess I'll have to tell them tomorrow morning.  Hey, keep me posted ok?"

"Ya, I will.  Good luck," I said with a sigh.

"You too."

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