Can't Live Without (Sequel to Irresistible)

Niall and Casey has been married for three months, and they also had a baby on the way. However, their love was being put to the test. Would they resolve all of the challenges? Sometimes, all of the troubles come after marriage.
(please read the previous my previous book to make sense of this one)


8. Realization

Sorry guys I haven't updated for months :( School was too busy and I needed time to come up with more ideas :P I'm back now so here we go! Thanks for the support xoxo


Casey's POV:

I just couldn't believe that Niall kept that part from me, though a part of me knew that he didn't want to see me break down again.  I just couldn't forgive him; I need some time alone.  

Niall was off to recording today, and I got the whole house to myself-again...  I needed to talk to someone; I needed to blow off some steam.  I called Ashley, but she didn't answer, probably too busy having a meeting with a famous clothing brand.  I decided to call Ashton since they were still in England.

"Hello, Casey Case! S'up? How are you feeling?" Ash cheerfully greeted when he picked up the phone. 

"Hey Ash, ummm, can you come over? I really need to talk to someone..." I hesitantly said.

"You alright, hun? You don't sound very well," he asked.

"No, I'm not alright.  That's why I need to talk to someone."

"K, I'll be right there."


Ten minutes later, the door bell rang; I wiped away my tears and blew my nose then headed to open the door.  The moment I saw Ashton standing outside the door, I completely broke into tears again.  He caught me before I fell to the ground. 

"C'mon, Case, let's go to the living room," Ash whispered and carried me bridal-style to the living room.  He waited until I calmed down a little to ask me what's wrong.

"What's going on, Case?"  I could hear the worry in his voice.

"Niall told me about the miscarriage due the accident..." my voice trailed off.

"I just can't believe he kept it a secret for so long! I can't believe he lied to me!" I was almost yelling.

"Hey hey hey he didn't lie to you," Ash tried to calm me down, "Niall didn't tell you because he doesn't want to see you hurt or blaming yourself or simply see you cry!  The only thing Niall cares the most about is to see you happy!"

I didn't say anything; I was trying to put myself in Niall's position.

"You know, Liam called us yesterday saying that Niall has not been himself in the studio.  He's not joking around with Louis or singing out loud with his guitar.  His solo during the love songs that they are recording sound flat and emotionless.  Everyone tried to talk to him, but it is not us that he needs.  It's you!" Ashton broke the silence.

"Thanks, Ash! I think I get it now.  I'm just overreacting. I gotta apologize to him tonight," I said after finally understand Ni's intention.

"No problem, Casey!  Good luck! I gotta go now; I have a song writing session in thirty minutes."

"Ok! Thanks again! See ya!" I said and walked to the door with him.

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