Can't Live Without (Sequel to Irresistible)

Niall and Casey has been married for three months, and they also had a baby on the way. However, their love was being put to the test. Would they resolve all of the challenges? Sometimes, all of the troubles come after marriage.
(please read the previous my previous book to make sense of this one)


16. Meeting

After two weeks of lifeless life, I was forced to go out coz Simon called a meeting.  Paul came to pick me up since I couldn't be conscious enough to drive.  On our way to Management, Paul asked how I was doing, I just said "Fine." I knew he didn't believe me, but I really wasn't in the mood to spill my guts out.  The rest of the drive was silent.


When we got there, I quickly walked into the building and straight to Simon's office.  When I opened the door, all the boys were already there.  They all looked at me with worry in their eyes.  

"Thank god, Niall! You kept us worried! Why didn't you answer your phone or opened the door when we visited?" Louis got up from his chair and came hugging me.

"I'm sorry, bro, I couldn't talk to you guys without falling into pieces."

"Have a seat, Niall" Simon ordered.

I took the empty seat beside Liam, and he gave me a pat on my knee. I knew the meeting was going to be either about recording for new album or another tour. I was right.

"So boys, as you might expected already, this meeting is about your next world tour," Simon began, "however, unlike the previous tour tradition, you are going to start with North America and come back to Europe then to Asia."


The rest of the meeting was a blur; I wasn't paying the slightest attention to what the others were discussing.  I didn't really care since I would be without my baby girl even if I stayed in London.  Maybe the tour would help me move on... 

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