Strong (Larry Stylinson)

Harry has been in love with Louis Tomlinson for over three years. Kept his secret hiden bye his band mates and his family. He can't stand seeing Louis with someone that's not him.
Louis on the other hand is alson in love with Harry Styles. Eleanor was just a cover up for Louis but now he can't take it no more. All he want was to be in Harry's arms and lover him for the rest of life.
Will they both realise that being together will make them strong or would they still be in denial and hurt one another. Read and find out!! ♡♥♡♥


3. Mysterious Person

Harry's POV 





Coming back from the interview, I felt irritated. We got back to the hotel booking us three rooms at three rooms for us to sleep. I decided to do a twitcam when I get to my room. We get to choose who to be with and one get to be on his own. 


"Harry, want to share rooms." That was Niall asking me. I look at him and smile at him.I can't resist him. 


"Sure why not." I said. Louis is rooming with Zayn. I glare at Zayn because I knew he is planning something that he won't tell me. Jerk, he knows I like him. I see Louis walking away from him and I went to talk to Zayn. "Zayn don't do nothing stupid. Don't even tell him nothing." I demanded. 


"Don't worry Hazza you know I won't tell a soul about your love between you and Lou. That's your job to do that."


"And I would never tell him, Z. You know he loves Eleanor. He's won't be interested in me. We can just let this go and just move on because I won't get him to love me." 


"Harry, you just have to keep fighting. He needs to know that YOU Harry Styles are in love with him. Don't hold back because one day at of the blue he's going to find out and that would actully ruin a friendship. For not telling that person. Hazza, I care for you and I'm trying my best to help to get the person you love. I don't want to see you sad... actually the lads don't want to see you like this mate." He said and I sigh. 


"Just let me think about it. I don't want to tell him right away you know. I want to wait and figure out how to tell him. It won't be easy." I said. Zayn sigh and nod. 


"At least let me ask. That won't hurt. I see the way he look at you in the interview when I said that you had a crush on someone." 


"I saw that. You have plan to say that didn't you?"


"Come on, Harry. That was a good sign. He probably likes you. Maybe he's in love with you."


"Zayn, just stop it. I know your trying to help and I thank you for that but I don't want to get my hopes up in anything. I want to wait and see it myself. I have Niall in the same room. Him and Niall are as well close. Plus Liam knows everything. Smart ass." I said and mutter the last part. "Well I'm going to the room. I want to twitcam for a while before we have to leave to preform."


"Ok, well I will see you later then" I walked away before he said anything else. I went to Niall and I room and I saw Niall laying on his bed with chips in his hands. I walk in shaking my head. This boy would eat a lot. I sat down next to him and took a bit out of his pizza.


"Hey that was mine." Niall whined.


"Well it's just food, Niall. I'll buy you more pizza." I said getting up to go to my bed and grab my laptop. Niall look at me.


"What you doing Hazza bear?" Niall ask now getting up to jump on my bed but I kicked him right on the stomach. "Ughh!" He groan in pain. Opps. I shouldn't of done that. Well I did have a reason but I do feel bad now that I'm seeing him on the floor groaning in so much pain. "What the hell? Why you did that?" 


"I'm so sorry, Niall. I didn’t mean to." I said. "but don't jump on my bed and you know that." I added and he huff.


"Well you should have just told me and not kick me." Oh god no, not the pouty face.


"Niall..." I groan because he knows it works on me. I just sigh. "I'm just tweeting fans. I'm going to do a twitcam. " Niall smile.


"Can I join?"


"Yes, you can." I said.


"Yeah!!" He cheer and I laugh. I got my laptop ready. I tweeted the fans and tell that I would be on twitcam. Once I was on a lot were on now. 


"Well hello you all. How are you? Just here at a hotel with Niall." Niall waves at the laptop. "I'll be leaving pretty soon. Sooo, Any question you guys would like to ask me or Nialler." We waited for a awhile and a loads of question pop up. We answer almost half of the question till we have to leave. "Well that's all we have for today. I hope it's worth watching. If your going to the concert I will see you all there." We wave at the camera but one question caught my eyes.


@LarryLuv: Are you in love with Louis Tomlinson?






Hope you guys like it.





--- Heidi <3

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