Strong (Larry Stylinson)

Harry has been in love with Louis Tomlinson for over three years. Kept his secret hiden bye his band mates and his family. He can't stand seeing Louis with someone that's not him.
Louis on the other hand is alson in love with Harry Styles. Eleanor was just a cover up for Louis but now he can't take it no more. All he want was to be in Harry's arms and lover him for the rest of life.
Will they both realise that being together will make them strong or would they still be in denial and hurt one another. Read and find out!! ♡♥♡♥


2. interview

Louis' POV 

The best thing in our job is we see are fans outside waiting for us. Today we have and interview and today was not my day cause we have a concert after this. Harry has been with his best friend Natalia all day. She came to visit him since she goes to college and Harry is in a band they try to make time for each other which he won't be around me. I sigh from the thought of that. Natalia is not here today so suck for her. I get to spend time with Harry.

"Come on guys we have to be there 20 minutes." Paul said pulling me back to reality. Lou was styling my hair when harry walk in. My heart flutter when seeing him.

"Morning everybody." He said. He look at me and smile at me giving me shivers. "Hey Lou." He grin wider and I smile back.

"Morning Harold." I said. When we were all done, we all went the hotel and in our separate rides and this time, I get to ride with Harry. "So hows your best friend Natalia?" 

"Natal is awesome. She gets to stay more longer." It went quite. I didn't know what to say. We don't really ride together because of our management said we couldn't. Today for some reason, Paul lets us be together. "How's Eleanor?" 

"She's fine. I haven't seen her in ages... I really miss her." That made us both quite.


"So Harry, I heard you are with Kendall from the Kardashian, is it true or not?" One of the interviewer said. I mentally roll my eyes on how stupid it is. Why does all interviewer have to ask the stupid question? 

"No, we are just friends." 

"Yeah he's crushing on someone already." Zayn said and I frown. I didn't know he has a crush on someone else. Well I wouldn't know if I didn't ask him. Zayn and Harry has been close now. 

"Is that so, what's her name?" I mentaly glare at her. Why does she cares? That's what I hate about Interviewers, They want to know everything and I hate that. 

"Umm, I can't say. She doesn't know I do likeher."

"Will you plan to tell her?"

"Maybe." She nod then turn to me. Ohh great. 

"And you Louis, how's Eleanor. We have seen a picture of you and her a week ago holding hands."  I don't want to say anything at all. I look at Harry and strange, he look down and look away from me or it was just my imagination.

"Umm... She's fine... She came to visit me a week ago while we were on tour."

"Aww that's so cute and nice of her. You guys must love each other." the girl interviewer said. I gave her a fake smile and nod. Niall has notice my fack smile and he gave me a small smile and i return. The whole interview went smooth, since they stop talking about girlfriends and all. Once in a while I look at Harry and he would do the same to me and gives me the most breath-taking smile that I love so much. Just wish to be in his arms.




I just finish this chapter in class. Free day Yeah!!! Pretty much all I do when ever I have a free day. Hope you guys like it. 


--- Heidi <3 :)

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