Strong (Larry Stylinson)

Harry has been in love with Louis Tomlinson for over three years. Kept his secret hiden bye his band mates and his family. He can't stand seeing Louis with someone that's not him.
Louis on the other hand is alson in love with Harry Styles. Eleanor was just a cover up for Louis but now he can't take it no more. All he want was to be in Harry's arms and lover him for the rest of life.
Will they both realise that being together will make them strong or would they still be in denial and hurt one another. Read and find out!! ♡♥♡♥


1. In Love With...

Harry's POV






When I first met Louis was in in the bathroom. When his eyes met mine, my heart melted. I was shy around him, so never had the guts to talk to him till... we got put together as a band. I was scared myself knowing he is in the same band as me. We got together in my house just chilling and spend time. I sat next to Louis talk to him more. I plan that if we win the X Factor I woukd tell him that I have a crush on him. Before I left My best friend Natalia and I spend a day together. Not seeing was going to be hard cause we never been seperated ever since little kids. I did miss her and I still do. Been all over the word, going to new places, meeting new poeple,  Celebrity, and sold out tickets... god never imagined my life this big. Louis and I grow stronger after the X Factor. Just realizing that I'm falling strongly in love with him. Hurts even more to see him with his girlfriend Eleanor. Don't get me wrong she is very gorgeous but she's with Louis and it hurt to see them happy together but I am hapoy for him.


"Eeeeeelllllllooooo, earth to Harry?" That was Natalia. She can to visit and I was supper happy to her since three year our friendship became stronger. I look at her and smile. I really miss her. Don't see her as much as I did the first year of my career.


"What?" I sad dumbfuly, if that's even a word.


"Your always blackout, why? Is it because you know who?" She ask. You see, she knows that I'm in love with Louis. I can't keep it a secret. She's my best friend, I tell her everything.


"No... I was thinking back in X Factor. How everything change." I smiling looking at my best friend. She smile back at me in awwe.


"Aww, it's been so long. I remember going to see you live one time. I think when you guys perform 'Nobody Knows' by pink."


"Oh yeah I do remeber that day. I introduced you to the group. They love you right away. Louis thought you were my 'girlfriend' at first."  I told her and she smirk.


"Really maybe he was jelly." She said. What? No. Louis would never be jealous. He just thought and I right away told him that she wasn't. That's why that whole week he wouldn't speek to because he thought I was dating Natalia. Stupid right?


"No, Natal, he wasn't..." I pause.  "He just thought and was goung to tell me that he was hapoy for me." I lie.


"Yeah whatever floats your boat, Boo. I know your lying to me." Dam. "But I won't push it."


"Thank you." I sigh.






Louis' POV 






Time goes by so fast when your living the dream. X Factor was so long ago, now we are the biggest boy band ever. My problem is that half way in the competition I fell in love with Harry. He is the amazing person on this earth. I wanted to tell him in X Factor but didn't had the guts to. it was hard just seeing him flirting with other girls. Yeah, everyone shipper up us and a lot of them does but the management won't allow it. I sigh, not caring if any one heard me but I guess someone did and that person is one and only Niall Horan. 


"Are you ok mate?" He ask. Niall kniws I like Harry. I can't really keep anything away from him. He's my sec closes friend. 


"Yeah, mate I am. Just tired."


"We both know that it is not true." He said narrowing his eyes. Dam, I knew I keep it this far. He knows me to well. I sigh and rub my forehead. 


"Ok, you got me Ni, but I don't know why I always think of Harry. He just pop up in me."


"Maybe because his best friend is here and he is not giving you any attention to you. Louis, your going to have to tell him someday. It's not good for you." He is right. I do need to tell him but I don't know how to tell him. My stomach started to twist just thinking about it.


"Ok, fine I will. Just... let me think, ok?" 


"ok mate, but don't worry to much. He probably likes you as well." He said patting my shoulder then left.


I wish I could believe that. I doubt he likes me like that.




Hey, Happy New Years you guys. New story:).  My friend wants me to update this early. So here u go Natalia.


Hope you guys like it. The chapters will get long along the way. What u think of this story?


--- Heidi ♡♥♡♥ :)



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