Kissing under mistletoe

Jo was a normal Aussie with a best friend, two pesky brothers and dad. She was a normal girl who just happened to live in Australia, and she had an obsession with a teenage band just like most girls her age. What happens when she meets this band? Will she just be another face or something special to one of them? or two?


1. Invitation

Jo's POV

"Beep, beep, beep be-" I groan and slam my hand on the alarm clock. Last day of school before winter break and I'm still not anymore inclined into actually getting up and going to school.

"Might as well get it over with." I mutter and climb out of bed. Just as I put a foot down on the floor I feel a hand grab around my ankle and I scream and jump up onto my bed.

"Gotcha!!" my little brother's, Nathan, head popped out from under my bed, with a giant grin on his face.

"WHAT THE HELL!!" I scream again at him and jump over him as he lays cackling on the floor. "Stupid bugger..." I mutter as I exit my room and head down the hallway to the bathroom across the hall. When I head in I make sure to lock the door behind me. I look in the mirror and see my brown hair is crazy and my bangs are all over the place and I look like absolute death. I grab a towel before stripping down and hopping into the shower. I enjoy feeling the feeling of the water and waste as much time in there as I can before I have to get out.

Eventually I do get out and head to my room wrapped in a fuzzy orange towel. I check the coast is clear of annoying brothers before heading in to get dressed. I put on a pair of white jean shorts that were high waisted and my captain america tank top while putting my hair up in a towel for it to slightly towel dry. I head to the bathroom and put on some makeup and do my hair. I put on some black winged eyeliner and mascara and pulled my hair into a messy bun on the top of my head. I like to keep my makeup light, especially in the summer in Australia, it was just to dang hot!! 

Satisfied, I left the bathroom and headed downstairs to go to school, ugh. Grabbing my back pack I headed to the door and put on my grey converse and sunglasses.

"Bye Malcolm!" I yell down the hall to my older brother getting ready for work.

"Bye Jo! Have a great last day!" he called back and I rolled my eyes at the thought of a good school day, even if it was before a 2 week break. I slide my sunglasses on and sling my back pack on my back before grabbing my skateboard and heading down the steps.I put my board on the ground then push of and head to Kat's house. It was hot and sunny out, typical day here in Australia. As I headed down Kat's  street I saw here waiting with her board checking her phone.

"Oi! Katherine Maria Robinson we got a prison to get to!!" I yell at her and she looked up and grinned before putting her board down and jumping on and heading towards me.

"Whats up King? Excited to see Johnny?" She asked knowing my crush. She was wearing a rolling stones tank, blue shorts and for some unknown reason, her beanie. Her blue hair was in waves down her back and she looked, well, like Kat. 

"Nah I just want to get today over with so we can go to the beach to look for hot guys." I say grinning over to her as we headed to school. When we got there we hopped off of our skate boards and picked them up chatting about our winter break plans on the way up to the busy school. All around us teens were kissing and other hugging and the bloggers sitting under the trees trying to see their phones in the glaring sunlight. We headed to our group of friends before the day started...


"FREEDOM!" Leigh yelled running out of the school with the rest of the school, excited to finally be out for 2 weeks. Cheering we chased after her, laughing like crazy. 

"Lets go do something!" Jacob said after we stopped running out of the school and stopped under a tree. He and Damon were holding hands and all of my other couply friends were holding hands and kissing. And I still don't have a boyfriend *sigh* oh well I have movies at least... and fanfiction.... 

"Jo? Are you coming?" Kat asked me and I snapped out of thought then grinned at my friends all looking at me.

"What? Hang with you losers when I could be re-watching dirty dancing? Sure I guess anything to get away from Nathan. That bastard scared the shit out of me this morning!" I say and they laugh as we headed to our local pizza place. Celebratory pizza, woo! We went in laughing and joking and I was grinning and cackling like a maniac when the brought up all the embarrassing stories of everyone over the years of knowing each other.

"Like when Natalie was dared to kiss Jacob and Jacob freaked out and came out of the closet right there." Anjie said laughing really hard as I shook my head smiling.

"Alright what do you all want my muchachas?" I asked as we sat at the counters facing out of the pizzeria.



"Chris Hemsworth!"

"I can't buy you Chris Hemsworth, Kat." I say laughing as Kat's grin fell and she dramatically started to 'cry'. 

"Well fine you dream crusher I'll have veggie!" she said and we all laughed at her.

Alright I'll  be right back." I say and head to the back of the shop to order our pizza. I see Mary and smile. She was in her 70's and I'd known her my whole life. "Mary!" I said happily calling her name.

"Johanna! Oh my you look so much older!" she said coming around the corner to give me a hug. She's like a third grandmother to me and really helped me last year with mums death. "How was your last day of school before the break?" she asks leaning on the counter.

"Thanks, I really like the new aprons you guys bought! And it was the same as any other day, just hotter." I said and she laughed.

"Anyways what can I get you?"

"Um, 3 cheese, 2 veggie, 2 pepperoni and one Hawaiian please!" I say and Mary laughs before calling her grandson over.

"Andy! 3 cheese, 2 veggie, 2 peps and a Hawaiian!" I saw Andy nod and mutter heading back to get it started. Mary and I chatted for a bit before we heard someone come up.

"Hello! I'd like to place an order?" a semi deep voice, of someone I couldn't see. Mary looked over at someone behind me.

"Well sure lad, just come over here and tell me what'd you like!" I glance over my shoulder as  boy moved up in front of me. Something about the voice and the hair seemed familiar. I was standing there trying to figure it out before Andy came and called my order. I walked up beside the guy and handed the money I owed for the pizza to Andy. Just as I carefully balanced all the pizza slices on top of each other I looked over and saw who it was.

"Jesus Murphy!"  I saw my eyes widening as I realized who it was. He looked over at me and grinned noticing that I was wearing a captain america shirt, like the one he was wearing too.

"No I'm pretty sure his name was just Jesus..." Ashton said nodding his head slightly. I nodded back before turning slowly. Before I moved towards my group I turned around, my mouth still slightly open and my face in a confused expression, to see Ashton still looking at me with a half grin on his face. "What you don't believe me?" he teased and I just shook my head still staring at him. Everything about him was just like on the posters covering my room. I wonder if he brought the rest of them....

"Jo? Are you okay?" I heard Mary ask and I just nodded and closed my mouth and quickly hurried back to the group. Getting to the counter I placed the pizza down and shook my head, trying to figure this all out.

"Jo what's wrong?" Kat asked and I just glanced back at Ash and noticed he was still staring at me grinning and laughing. I made an odd noise and nudged my head in his direction. Kat looked behind me and fell of her stool, making a Kat noise. She scrambled up and squealed and jumped up and down her eyes shining in excitement.

"Oh my god!! It's one of my boyfriends!!!" the other one of course being Harry. 

"I know!" I squealed back jumping up and down slightly.

"What the hell...." Natalie said turning to look at us, and the others did too. Damon was the first to freak out.

"JESUS ITS MY FICTIONAL LOVE!!" he yelled and grabbed Jacob's hand and squeezed it hyperventilating. 

"What is it with you and boy bands, Jesus!" Leigh said turning around and getting her pizza. I glanced back to see Ashton had turned around to get his pizza. 

"Oi, Luke come help my with this!" he called and I saw Luke run up and help him grab it. I nearly died I looked back at Jo and I screamed quietly with her. 

Luke's POV

"Oi, Luke come help me with this!" Ash called and I jogged over leaving Michael and Calum laughing at the table. 

"Sure think Ash." I said and leaned over and whispered in my ear and I stood still for a second.

"Look behind you..." he whispered and I turned to see two girls standing together kind of squealing, one quite tall and the other fairly short. 

"Ya?" I asked him raising my eyebrows at him. 

"Just take the pizza while I pay and just look." he said and I just shrugged and did as I walked back to Michael and Calum I looked over and the tall one looked over at me and blushed grinning and I stopped dead on.

Jo's POV

"Oh my god Jo! Luke Hemmings is staring at you!" Damon whispered and I turned and saw Damon was right. I grinned at Luke as I saw his eyes sweep me up and down before he grinned back then turned and started to walk back to his table glancing back once. Once he turned back to his table. I turned back to the others and felt the breath leave me.

"Oh my god!" I whispered grinning.

"Gurlllll he wants you like I want Jacob tonight-" Damon started to say but I held up a hand. 

"Nope that's enough I'm good, really I am." I say and slide into the end seat beside Leigh. 

After about 15 minutes of eating and laughing I heard someone come towards me at we all laughed at some joke Jacob just said, I decided to get up to go get some napkins and I heard someone come up behind me. I turned to see Luke standing behind me. 

"Hey." he said grinning.

"Hi." I said back trying not to freak out. I started to move but he put his arm against the wall blocking my path. I looked at him in way as if to say 'um excuse me?'. "Could I help you?" I ask politely as he leaned in and I could smell mint and pizza on his breath. 

"Ya, actually, my friend over there," he pointed behind him to where Ashton was sitting. " he, uh, pointed you out and we were planning on heading to flat rock beach later and I was wondering if you and your friends wanted to accompany us?" he asked biting his lip slightly. I smirked at him.

"I'm sure that they'd love to." I say smiling slightly and raising my eyebrows. I say and start to move but he leaned forward more stopping me. He was tall and I can tell that he was trying to use that but I I was 5'10 and he wasn't to much taller than I was. 

"What about you?" He whispered in my ear. I grinned.

"I'd love to go." I say exaggerating slightly.

"Guess I'll so you later then..." he said smirking pulling back to let me go through.

"Guess so." I say and walk past him.

"Wait! I didn't get your name!" He said as I walked past him. I smiled and turned.

"Jo, you can call me Jo." I say turning around and walking back.

"Aren't you gonna ask for mine!?!" He called.

"Oh I already know yours love." I say and head back to my friends. They all looked at me when I got back, their eyebrows all raised slightly. "Well," I say smiling. "who wants to hit the beach later?"

A/N: So what'd y'all think? Do you like this mysterious, sexy kind of Luke? Comment below I'l update soon!!II also it was supposed to be summer break but (i live in Canada okay don't judge i suck a geography and im an idiot) my friend pointed out that the Aussie's season are reversed from ours so it's winter break okay? also  Polyvore links for Jo and Kat's outfits: and

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