Kissing under mistletoe

Jo was a normal Aussie with a best friend, two pesky brothers and dad. She was a normal girl who just happened to live in Australia, and she had an obsession with a teenage band just like most girls her age. What happens when she meets this band? Will she just be another face or something special to one of them? or two?


2. Flat Rock

Luke's POV

The guys and I headed out towards the beach where Jo and her friends would meet us. Jo, thought, hot name for a hot girl... I thought as we climbed in the car. I had winked at her on the way out to let her know any time was good for her to show up. She was real smooth when I went to ask her to come with us. Well I actually asked for Ashton, he said he thought the short one was cute, I don't know why but anyways that's him not me. He's always been a tiny bit shy when it comes to girls, don't know why though he's always being asked out everywhere we go. 

Ashton's POV

Luke asked that girl from the pizza place to join us. He said her name was Jo but she's not what I was thinking about. It was the girl she was with, the shorter one with the beanie wearing the rolling stones shirt, her. Damn it Irwin! I thought, you don't even know her stop thinking about her!! I shook my head to try and clear it but I couldn't quite and I didn't realize the guy were trying to get my attention.

"Ash? You okay there?" Calum asked me looking kinda of worried with his eyebrows slightly raised.

"Wh- oh ya I'm fine!" I said smiling and they all grinned at me.

"Love struck huh? Is our Ash in love at first sight?" Luke said and I quickly turned red in the face.

"Ohhhh Ashtooon!" Calum teased and blushed harder.

"Tomato face!" Luke called and Michael and Calum just laughed at me. 

"Ya I thought she was cute, but Luke was checking that Jo girl out!" I say back smirking at Luke and it's his turn to blush.

"Well at least I know her name!" he shoots back turning pink.

"Wow guys, calm it down you don't even know these girls! Just chill and enjoy the beach!" Michael said looking at us like we were insane. Calum just stood there trying not to laugh at us. 

"Alright fine, but I'll know her name before the end of tonight!" I say.

Jo's POV

"Are you sure about this Jo?" Kat asked me skeptically as I paid the driver and we hopped out of the cab. We were going to flat rock, just like Luke invited us, and it was Kat, Natalie and I. Jacob and Damon had left much to Damon's annoyance though Jacob whispered something to him and that seemed to convince Damon to go with him. Leigh decided not to join seeing as she couldn't care less.

"They're just some stupid band that you'll eventually be over." she had said back at the pizzeria and went home instead.

"Positive." I replied as the three of us headed to the beach.

"What if Ash doesn't like me?" Kat said suddenly stopping. I turned around sighing and saw she had the deer caught in the headlights look going on.

"Don't worry about it! He'll love you! Just be Kat and it'll all be fine!" I say and she loosens up and smiles at me.

"Ya don't worry about, he'll adore you!!" Nat said and Kat seemed to loosen up slightly and walked with us to the beach, slightly calmer.

When we got to the beach it looked empty but we could hear laughing and people yelling. Looking around we spotted 4 guys in the water yelling at each other and swimming and being well, boys. 

Luke's POV

"C'MON CLIFFORD!! GO GET IT!" I heard Cal yelling at Michael as I swam/ran through the water with Michael's shoes. 

"TOSS IT LUKE!" Ashton yelled at me and I chucked Mikey's shoes across to him. I heard Michael growl and he switched directions toward Ash and Ash yelped and started to run to the beach, just as I saw three figure appear on it. I grinned knowing exactly who it was.

Kat's POV

As we walked along the beach towards where they were I started to get nervous. My favourite band was standing literally a few meters away from me. I was starting to get nervous to think about meeting my celebrity crush, Ashton Irwin. As we got closer to them I saw Ashton run out of the water, Michael close on his heels.

"GIVE MY SHOE BACK ASHTON!!" I heard Michael yell at Ashton as he ran away. He ran in our direction and they were both running really quickly. Oh no I am SOOO not ready for this! I started to freak out when they got closer and I turned around to move away when I felt a body slam into mine.

"Oof!" I smashed to the ground by a body much bigger than mine. I was on my back and the person was pressed against my front. I was trying to catch my breath after having it knocked out of me and I opened my eyes. Ashton was on top of my. I started to freak out. Just as I was trying to figure out what to do he groaned and pushed him self up with his arms so he was still over top of me but not squishing me, and opened his eyes. Just as he looked at me his breath hitched in his throat.

"H-hi!" he squeaked out and pushed him self up and off of me. He rolled over and I sat up shaking my head slightly to get the some of the sand out of it. 

"Look they're here!" I looked up to see Calum running up to us with a big goofy grin on his face. All 4 boys were dripping wet and smiling. 

"Hi!" Michael and Calum said to us as Ash scrambled up then offered me his hand to pull me up.

"Sorry about that, Mikey body checked me." Ash said sheepishly and I smiled at him lightly.

"It's fine, my older brother is on the football team and he constantly uses me to help practice. Oh my names Katherine by the way, but you can call me Kat." I held out my hand for him to shake and he smiled and shook it.

"I'm Ashton."

Jo's POV

As Ashton and Nat smiled and shook hands I couldn't help but look at Luke. He was soaking wet and breathing slightly heavily from running to meet us. His shirt was stuck to his body with water and I couldn't help but slightly check him out. Halfway through looking at him he glanced over and smirked and walked towards you.

"Enjoying the view?" he asked as Ashton and Kat started to flirt slightly (and awkwardly) and they and the others started to walk to the water.

"Nah just trying to figure out why all the girls like you." I say smirking and shaking my head.

"C'mon you know you like it..." he said and he grabbed my hand started to pull me towards him.

"No you're all wet!" I said and ran laughing away from him. I didn't know whether or not he was following until I felt a pair of arms grab my waist.

"Well then if I'm wet you have to be too!" he yelled and picked me up and put me over his shoulder. I screamed as he ran to where the others were in the water and tossed me in. I landed with a crash in the water and felt my head submerge. I pushed my head out of the water gasping for air as I heard someone fall in beside me. I looked over to see Luke's head pop out of the water smiling. 

"Why'd you do that?!" I laugh/scream at him and as he just keeps grinning at me. 

"So now we're both wet and you don't have an excuse!" he said splashing towards me. I heard the others around us but I was focused on Luke. 

"An excuse for what?" I questioned and backed up slightly trying to hide my grin and failing. 

"To stop me from doing this!" he said and pulled me into a bear hug.

"Luke what are you doing?! We barely know each other!" I say pulling away laughing. (Why was I laughing? Oh well, but still hugging and I just met him? QUESTIONING HIS INTENTIONS!)

"So? I hug lots of people!" he said and then pulled me into another hug. Laughing I just hugged him back before pulling away then swimming to the others. Kat and Natalie were being chased by Michael, Ashton and Calum. They were all laughing and messing around and then Calum noticed me standing there.

"GET HER!" He yelled pointing his finger at me he switched directions and I squealed and turned around and bumped back into Luke. FRIG! I mentally freaked out but he just laughed and held me against him so I couldn't move waiting for Calum to get there.

"Are you ticklish Jo?" Luke leaned down and asked and you squirmed against him but it was to late, Calum was there.

"TICKLES!!" Calum yelled and I screamed as he started to tickle me and making me laugh so hard my stomach hurt.

"Calum." I gasped in between laughing. Luke was holding me, laughing as Calum just tickled me everywhere he could. "I. Can't. Breathe!" I wheezed and he stopped, still laughing and I sagged in Luke's arms.

"Do you regret meeting us here?" Luke whispered in my ear. I pulled his arms off of me and swam to where Ashton and Michael had Nat and Kat tickling them as well.

"Very much so Mr. Hemmings!" I called back and he just stood there grinning and rolling his eyes.





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