Heartless ...

I don't belive in love I belive in having a badass time yes im young and I love to have a gwd time people can talk all they want but honestly I have learned not give 2 shits about I don't show emotion to nobody I mean it yea im human I will breakdown but one this is sure you wont be there to see me n yes Im what you call "a bad girl" call me wht ever you want it wont change who I am but once I have had enough of your bull shit I will and I mean it I will woop ur ass good to make sure you think twice before opening ur word whole and saying something to me or about me !


4. What do you want ....

Finally it was last period and i was so ready to live this shit whole of a place i had health for my last period i went and took my seat at the back like i always do finally it was the end of the day and i rushed to ma locker ready to go finally i got out first i had to go through this very isolated alley to get to my car since it was foggy and cloudy it was darkish going through the alley as i kept eating i felt as if someone was fallowing me and at first ingorned it then i could hear the footsteps behind i wasn't scared though i don't and i wont show weakness so i had ma fist in a ball ready to hit i quickly and suddenly  turned and hit the person right in the jaw as hard as i could i hear the loud crack i did some damage to it and for some reason i felt very satisfied 

Person:"OUCH!!!!! WTF?"

and then i knew who i hit .... it was that guy from my first period class damn it 

ME:"omg im sorry but why in hell would you sneak up on me"

GUY:"i wouldn't of if i knew that you where going bust u ma fuckin jaw !!"

wow...this got me so pisst

ME:"look its not my fucking problem if your dumb ass was sneaking behind me i thought i told you thought i was somewhat dangerous ....wait what where you fallowing and try to sneak up behind me ??"

then for some reason he smirked ....wtf?


he got up and spit all of the nasty blood then he stood pushing me to the hard wall i was no very pisst he was really close to i could feel his body right on mine den he whispered in ma ear soft and seducing "Because doll ur step dad send me for" ........i couldn't move i was paralyzed  

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