Heartless ...

I don't belive in love I belive in having a badass time yes im young and I love to have a gwd time people can talk all they want but honestly I have learned not give 2 shits about I don't show emotion to nobody I mean it yea im human I will breakdown but one this is sure you wont be there to see me n yes Im what you call "a bad girl" call me wht ever you want it wont change who I am but once I have had enough of your bull shit I will and I mean it I will woop ur ass good to make sure you think twice before opening ur word whole and saying something to me or about me !


5. My past.....

After he said those words i couldnt move at all how did he know tht person i once called father 

Me:"how do you him "? i said in the most emotionless voice i could 

HIM:"He is a member of my gang sweetie" he smirked 

Me :"what dose he want "??

Him:"nothing doll part your going to love what he gave me "!

Me:"And what dose this have to do with me then ?

He had a evil grin on his face he came close and whispered on my ear ...

him"your lovely father gave me YOU!"

Me:WHAT!!!!! NO NO NO NO !!!! he cant u cant ! he has no right over me !

HIM:"according to ur father i do baby girl " he said tht and smiled evily and then and there he pushed me onto the hard wall and kissed me but for some reason it wasnt rough or sloopy it was gental and sweet if tht makes any of sense then he backed away and smiled warmly i was confused and dissy just a minute ago he was so mean and evil and now he sweet and kind . 

Him:"dont worry i wont hurt you if you obey baby girl ur to beautiful i don't think i could ever hurt you "

I didnt know what to do so i just stayed there and nodded with no emotion but inside i was breaking down i couldnt belive it and i was damn confused i have to obey him the fuck i dont and i wont do shit if he trys anything funny with ill make sure to put him in his place i had to get away from him i didnt want him close so i pushed him to the wall and gave one long sexy his and whispered down into his ear....

Me:"aww Handsome if you havent noticed i dont fallow any one or obey srry to rain on ur praide but maybe you can find ur self another hoe just walk around the plastic barbies youll have one of them on ur dick in no time just not me srry muahh " i kissed his lips slowly and sexy and then out of no were i kneed him on his dick as hard as could then i punched his nose as he fell to the floor and cursed i laughed ma ass off as i turned around and walked away with a smile on ma face as he said....

Him: "did i mention that i love a girl how is rough and feisty ill see you around baby girl " i rolled my eyes and turned around to tell him 

Me:"did i mention that  ur not my type srry lover boy not ur lucky day maybe next time muahh" i blew him a sexy kiss and turned around walking to my car and sense i knew that he was stareing at me i moved ma hips a lil more just to tease his dumdass lol finally i got to my car and Headed home when i got to my house i took for my clothes and makeup and jumped into the hot shower once i got out i put some comfy seats and t-shirt putting my hair up then i went to get a snack while i was doing my homework i got a txt which was really weriod since i dont talk to any one just for work but that was it i looked a it and it said.....

unknow#: Hey baby girl what you did was really naughty next time i wont be so damn nice now sleep well baby girl ;)

I was so shocked how did he my number motherF^^^^$@#$% ugh.whatever he dosent scare me but it is strange how he has me phone# with that i was tired so i headed to my bed for some odd reason i could not his kiss out of my head it was sooo sweet and warm like i have been kissed before just never like tht the kisses that i would get where sloopy since most of the time was drunk but that kisss wow ......NO! stop it hearless the fuck is wrong with you he thinks he owns or something dont think about him unless ur thinking about ur going to hurt him ugh.!!!

finally i fell asleep ~~

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