Heartless ...

I don't belive in love I belive in having a badass time yes im young and I love to have a gwd time people can talk all they want but honestly I have learned not give 2 shits about I don't show emotion to nobody I mean it yea im human I will breakdown but one this is sure you wont be there to see me n yes Im what you call "a bad girl" call me wht ever you want it wont change who I am but once I have had enough of your bull shit I will and I mean it I will woop ur ass good to make sure you think twice before opening ur word whole and saying something to me or about me !


3. In my seat ! .....

Finally i got to the school and went to my locker and put some books away then i headed to my first period class which was history when i got there where a few people there it was still early anyway i made my wake to the back seat which was my seat and i know what ur thinking "omg its the schools seat it dosent have ur name one it " but actually yes it dose have ma name on the right top corner ha yes itz my favorite seat cuz it far away and no body even know im there have off the time as i made ma way there i saw something tht had ma blood boiling. there was a guy seating on my SEAT !!!! hell naw i went up to him with a serious face on i was ready to fight for my seat ! ik it sounds stupid to fight for a seat but i just dont like people messing around with whtz mine ! i went up to him ready 

ME:" your in my seat." i looked down at him he was really cute he had gorgeous  blue eye and pale skin tht make his plump pink lips pop ...wow. after i took him all in he smirked but i kept my straight face on i dont show emotion .

him:"I dont see ur name on it soo itz not urs sweetie " .

hell naw did he just say tht wow he has to be new stop it heartless ! my mind was saying 

ME: "you must me new okay lets go over some rules u should know #1:this is my seat it dose ha ma name on it so it is mine SWEETIE " i smirked at this "#2 never and i mean never call me sweetie okay you must have balls tht u want ripped to say tht " 

"#3 before u open ur word whole think about wht ur doing cuz i sure as hell will not hold back to brake tht lil pretty face of urs !"

ha i left him speach less

ME:"now get ur ass of my fucking SEAT! and i wont ask you again ."

He looked at me from head to toe and then smirked as he stood up form ma seat . 

i always get ma way....... as he passed me he whistperd in ma ear 

HE;" So..you think ma face is pretty ?doll cuz i sure as hell think you have a very sexy look " then  he winked and walked away just rolled my eyes to tht and took my seat 

and still no emotion in my face as always 

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