Heartless ...

I don't belive in love I belive in having a badass time yes im young and I love to have a gwd time people can talk all they want but honestly I have learned not give 2 shits about I don't show emotion to nobody I mean it yea im human I will breakdown but one this is sure you wont be there to see me n yes Im what you call "a bad girl" call me wht ever you want it wont change who I am but once I have had enough of your bull shit I will and I mean it I will woop ur ass good to make sure you think twice before opening ur word whole and saying something to me or about me !


2. First day ....

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock It was 6:30 ugh. its the frist day of school already knew it was going to be a longs ass day I got up from my warm bed and to the shower I stripped down from my clothes and turned on my radio Joseph Somo was so I turned it up blasting it I got in the showe and did everything I washed up then got out put on a towel and walked back to  my room it was still hot so decided on some cute roya blue  high waist short shorts and a black top causal but really cute just cuz im "Hearless" I still liked to be cute and I loved seeing boys eyes pop out when they see me lol. hey lets just say I was a big tease for guys and if ur wondering no im not a virgin like I said I love to have fun hey im fun but tht don't mean I sleep around with any guys that walks bye hell naw I don't like boys ... I go for sexy men and I don't mean a 30 some grown old guy no! I for 20-23 guys I like them grown and smart not like any of the stupid boys you see at my school I would never hook up with any of them. another thing is I don't do the whole boyfriend and girlfriend shit nope yes ill have my fun with you but when im done its bye bye! and youll never  see me  again will after tht my make-up which was pretty basic which would just be some skin colored eye shadow simple cat eye and mascara and my signature Blood red lip stick which I loved  it went will with my skin color which was fairly tanned but still paleish  I also had honey brown eye oh any my hair was a dark but bloody colored red it went down to ma thick waist lol I loved ma hair ! any ways I but ma hair in soft beach curls and my cute black combat boots and with tht I graved my cars keys and my book bag and headed to school ~

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