Forbidden Love

Jessica Wolfe, daughter of 44 year old mother Saffron Wolfe, is an only child. She has a rough life at home, as well as at school. Her mother smokes, drinks, and occationally does drugs. This leaves Jessica fending for herself most of the time. She is in with the wrong crowd, and boys are always taking advantage of her. Her mother is always depressed, and with no father to guide her, no siblings to grow up with, and no true friends to stand by her in these hard times, she is begining to go through a mental break down. But then she meets someone. A boy who treats her right. His name is James Valentine. But are they far to perfect for each other? Is the way he treats her too good to be true? Theres a secret in his family that may ruin the relationship before it even begins. Will Jessica end up too deep, and destroy her innocence forever?


1. Prologue

Jessica Wolfe is a girl with many regrets. She has made many mistakes in her life, all down to false guidence, and bad parenting. But all fault aside, she is a beautiful young teenager. She used to have really long blonde hair, that streamed past her rosy red cheeks. But as time changed, so did her mind and appearance. She cut her hair shoulder-length, streamed her fringe over one eye, and dyed it all black. The eye seen by the world is dark blue, and full of sin, and pain. The world is too much for her to take, so she covers one eye, so at least part of her can hide away, and remain innocent, and un-broken. Half of her is afraid of what the future will bring, hiding away in the darkness. While the other half of her is open, and eager to do anything thrown her way.


She is quite tall, but could never reach her goals in life. She dressed all in black, and hid away from people for years, afraid of being judged. She first started her rein of terror when she turned 13, before she was even a teenager. She fell into the wrong crowd, and they perswaded her to do some very bad stuff. The past scars Jessica for life, as she knows she can never change what has already been done. Haunted by her terrible past, she tried talking to her mother about it, as she had no real friends to turn to. But since her father left with her brother when she was born, both she did not know, her mother Saffron Wolfe had become very depressed. This soon led to her mother finding things to do that would drown out the pain, and torture of her adulthood. This is when Jessica's mother got into drinking, smoking, and doing drugs. This left Jessica completly independant. She had to look after her mother, earn a living, as well as get on with her own life.


Fending for herself meant that she could do anything she pleased, as she was the one in charge, and always called the shots. Her mother wasn't in the fit state to disagree, or give advice in any of Jessica's bad situations, so Jessica never learnt right from wrong. She had to rely on her friends, but they were only a bunch of users, as she is soon to realize. Her friends have had her drinking, smoking, and even doing drugs. Jessica is following in her mothers footsteps, and this is messing with her life. While Jessica is out of it, her friends could be doing anything to her. Various times she has woken up with bruises, cuts, and even a tattoo of a heart on her shoulder blade. The heart has two guns crossing one another in the centre, and two black birds flying over the top of the heart. To this day, Jessica has no idea when she got the tattoo, where she got it, who got it for her, and most importantly, what it even means. So she made up her own meaning. The heart shows love, the two guns crossed show conflict, and the two black birds show hope, and freedom. This tattoo was the only thing tempting Jessica to make a change for the better, but even the tattoo could never change her wild side alone.


Being an only child, Jessica was forced to grow up alone. All she ever really wanted was a father to guide her. All young girls she believed need a father, as well as a mother. Everyone else she knows has both. Their mothers show them how to be a young, and sophisticated. But fathers she reakoned were very important. She wished she had a father to keep her from going rogue. She felt like her mother had failed her in life. Jessica had jumped off the deep end with no father to prevent her from drowning. A true dad would have prevented their little girl from destroying her innocence, but Jessica's father had other plans. Jessica never knew her father as well as her mother did. Jessica had asked many times for information on her father, but she wasn't even told his name, so asking her mother anything else was pointless.


All Jessica knew was that he was rough, mean, and dangerous. Her mother had found him just before he went to prison. But by the time she realized how bad he really was, she was trapped in the deadly chains of pregnancy. She had to stand by this criminal, as her non-identical twins needed a father in their life. But as soon as Jessica and a baby boy were born, the father kidnapped the baby boy, leaving Jessica behind. Jessica felt unloved, but also sought of glad though. She much prefured looking after her drugged-up mother, with the run of the house, rather than living in fear of a dangerous man looking after her. She only wished that her father had stayed, or at least left her brother behind.


With so much going on in her life, times sometimes got too tough to handle. Jessica had resorted to attempted-suicide a couple of times. But lucky for her, even though most of the time her mother was unconcious, or out of her head, she was always around when Jessica needed her the most. Jessica had tried overdosing on her mothers stash of drugs. It just made her very ill, but she soon recovered after a couple of days. She had tried taking an overdose of pills. She nearly died that time. Her mother had found her frothing at the mouth, bleary eyed, and convulsing madly on the bathroom floor. She was rushed to hospital, her mum got done for speeding, and drunk driving. But given the situation at hand, her mother was let off lightly, with less of a fine. Jessica had her stomach pumped, and recovered after a few days spent in hospital, really bored. Even then she caused havoc for the nurses because she accidently caught the bed curtains on fire while playing with her lighter she had managed to smuggle in. Her mother got fined £100, and her mother has always looked dissapointed at her daughters actions ever since. But Jessica was just as dissapointed in her for the years of neglect she had suffered.


Then there was the time when Jessica had attempted to hang herself, but the rope was too fragile, and kept snapping whenever she stepped off of the chair, before it could do any real damage. No matter how hard Jessica tried, she could never succeed in ending her miserable life. It was as if something was keeping her alive. Maybe God had plans for her, or maybe the devil enjoyed making her suffer. Although Jessica wasn't religious, she had many thoughts, and opinions on why things never go right for her. Her life was cruel to her, and it was constantly on replay in her head. Whenever she tried to sleep at night, she was restless with all the dark thoughts running through her head like wild fire.


That is when she resorted to cutting her wrists. She enjoyed the pain, and it took her mind off of things for a while. Every deep cut thrilled her so much, it became something she did a lot of the time. When one arm got sour, she would move to the next. She started on her right arm, being left handed it was the easiest target. As she went onto her left arm, her slits got deeper, and more jagged. She bled out one time, and her mother found her in a pool of blood in her bedroom. Jessica had managed to hit an artery. She narrowly missed death with that bad move. She had even cut her legs a couple of times.But so no one would know, she began wearing wrist bands, and trowsers. She didn't think much for fasion, because the hotter she looked, the more boys wanted her in their bed, and skirts were easy access anyway. Times were tough now, but will they get better in the future?

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