Dirty Little Bastards

"Now you listen here you ungrateful little twat, the only reason you're here is for pleasure and that is it! Understand? If you weren't so hot, I frankly wouldn't care a damn about you."

Harry Styles and Niall Horan have become wickedly bad and even sexier in this story. Will Mia ever escape the wrath of Harry and Niall, will the other three dashing boys come to her rescue? What happened the night she got kidnapped, did they drug her?
Read to find out...

xx -Molly


6. It's locked?!?!

"Well, where do I fit in?" This wicked Irish accent chimes in and I know I'm in trouble because no one has come to save me yet. Great, I'm stuck being raped all over again. 

Harry flips us around so I'm laying on top of him and Niall is over me.  Harry starts to move forwards and backwards making my heart beat even more. Before I knew it, Niall had his pants off and was going in for the kill too.  I had Harry fucking me hard in the ass and Niall aggressively shoving his dick into me by the second. It hurts so much but Harry has my arms behind my back and Niall is between my legs.  There is no way I'm going to get out of this again! 

"Can you just stop?"

"You'd like that wouldn't you sweet-cheeks?" I could feel the vibrations on my back as Harry spoke. 

"What if Louis, Zayn or Liam walk in?"

"so, what if they do? Is there anything they can do to stop us?"

"Yes, that's three against two. You'd be out numbered."

"Okay, once you're done being a smart bitch."

I have to do something or this is going to be a regular thing with these two.  What can I do? Harry is behind me, Niall in front. 

"Ow, you little twat." I dug my nails into Harry's stomach with my left hand and as soon as that happened Niall backed up and I kicked him right in the balls. Now's my chance! With Harry's stomach bleeding and Niall being on the floor in pain I can quickly get out of this room.   

I quickly ran to the door and turned the handle. It's locked?!?! What the fuck why is this locked? Those fucking little assholes. 

"Help, somebody help please, I need help." I banged on the door and screamed as loud as I could. 

"Louis? Zayn? Liam? Help!!!!!!" 

Harry ran up behind me and grabbed a hold of my arms dragging and throwing me back on the bed. He has one hand holding my arms above my head while he is laying on top of me in a position I can't escape. 

"You think you're so clever don't you? Well guess what my little Mia, you;re not and you will never be. Now look what you've done. Niall's angry, I'm totally pissed off too you know. do you know what happens when I get pissed off? Bad things, bad things Mia. Bad thing will happen to you. Wait, they're happening right now!" 

And with that Harry thrusts into me with all of his strength. He is going in and out so fast it hurts. 

"You, you're hurting me Harry."

"Good. Bad girls deserve to be punished." 

While he's going in and out as fast as he can he grabs my face with his other hand and slaps me hard across it. He keeps on slapping me hard across the face and i can tell that it's going to bruise. 

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