Starting Fresh

Keaton is now 18 and has almost forgot about her summer romance with Harry styles. But almost is never enough and things always end up coming back to you

***self harm is included in this story***


10. you again?

Keaton's POV

When I get back to the dorms I find that there's a note on my bed. 'Went out the park for some air, be home around dinner, let's get some food??!! Xoxo Deni'. I smiled at the thought of her leaving me a note. I know it was simple, but it was a nice gesture she did for me. I was thinking of something to do to kill time. While I was sitting I began to think. I tried to avoid this because thinking when I'm alone always lead to thinking too much. That lead to replace. I've been clean for about 2 weeks and I'm not going to screw it up. I had a lightbulb come over my head and I was happy it was there. I pulled out my secret box (held cigarettes, blades, journal, lighter, pipe, and some drugs.) I grabbed out my pipe and some weed and loaded a bowl. I started playing 'Rude' by Magic. It kept me in a good mood and I lit up my bowl taking my first hit. Oh how I loved this. I knew Deni wouldn't mind because she smokes too. If anything she'll be upset that I didn't wait for her. Hah. I began to feel happy. See that's why I fucking love weed.

By the time I was done, id smoked three bowls. If didn't matter how much I smoked because my seller and I were tight and he didn't even charge me. I got to that stage tv laying double for the first 2 years of buying. I started smoking when I was about 14. I was glad when I found another escape. So yeah, I never got in an trouble with my seller and he was the closest thing id had to a 'friend' in most of my teenage years. So now I was laying on my bed doing some smoke tricks with my e-cig. I had cherry flavored juice in it. My favorite. I was blaring 'wake me when September ends' by Green Day singing along when there wasn't smoke in my mouth. Hah. I snap chatted Deni a few time doing smoke rings or a French inhale or some shit. I heard the door open and saw Deni coming closer. "Shit dude! Your eyes look like fucking tomatoes Aahaha!" She laughed. I found myself laughing too as she pulled out an already rolled joint. "Sorry for not waiting for you, I needed to smoke or else I woulda...let's just just say it was good I smoked!" I smiled and she nodded understanding. "I guess this rules out going out to eat? Ahah" I laughed.

We decided to just order some chinese...we would probably not eat much but we still liked it. I was just about to order some when I got acall from a 'Liam' huh. Oh dammit. I remembered now. I knew I had to answer or else he'd keep calling. Deni looked at me strangely. Probably due to the pained look on my face. I told her it was Liam. From Harry's band. She remembered instantly from what I told her about the morning after the party. She let out a big puff of smoke at my 'words' I answered hesitantly. "H-hello?" "Hey! This is Liam, is this Keaton?" I sighed. "Uhm...yes. Yes it's Keaton." I could basically hear him smile. Why? "Well I was wondering if you wanted to come and hangout at the park with me and the lads?" Oh no. "Uhm. I'm actually with my roommate right now..." I tried. Hopefully getting out of it. No such luck. "Oh! She can come too, we all want to hangout with you again!" Damnit. Maybe I could try another approach. "Who do you mean by the lads. Because I can't come if Har-Harry is going to be there." Maybe it would be like a group package thing. "Why are you avoiding Harry? And well he didn't even meet you so maybe he doesn't deserve to?" he probably smirked. I could sense he was trying not laugh. "Ugh. Fine. If you can promise Harry won't be there." What the hell Keaton?!?! Ugh. It was the fucking high talking. "Great!! and you better explain!! Meet us at west park in 30 minutes!!!" Damn. "Okay. See ya there" I hung up. "FUCK!!" Deni looked at me and I explained what we were doing. Damnit.

Liams POV.

Me and the lads have been wanting to see Keaton again since we met her. She was just so damn beautiful. She had such a frail body yet she was curvy. Like seriously how does someone so small have such a curvy figure? Me and the lads were all wondering who she would go out with if any of us. "Do any of you know why she's so against Harry?" I asked them. Pulling all of us out of our thoughts. Probably all about her. Man. Hah. None of us really liked her but she was just hot. But I sensed he had been hurt sometime. She seemed to be reserved. A lot.

Me and the lads decided to calm her up and see if she wanted to hangout. We hadn't yet asked Harry about her or told him. She seemed intent on not being around him and we didn't want to make her upset. All the lads circled around me and make me put the phone on speaker. Niall happened to be eating chips and was crunching quite loudly but Zayn sensed this the same time as me. Literally seconds before she picked up Zayn had the chips thrown across the room making a large mess. Not like any of us cared though. We would just get it later.

By the end of the phone call, we were going to meet her at the park and Harry was still out of the loop at her request. She was bringing her roommate. Louis was pretty excited about that since he had been out of a relashionship for a while now. Actually only Zayn was in a relashionship right now. Him and Perrie were happily engaged. We decided to head to the park now, not wanting to be late.

Keaton's POV.

Me and Deni were just going to get dressed and then head out because we had to walk. I put on some leggings, a lose fitting grey v-neck, a red and blue flannel (unbuttoned) and my black leather jacket. Also of course my signature black converse high tops.

Deni threw on some light wash ripped jeans and a black sweatshirt along with some grey vans. Both of us of course had our bracelets on. Probably too many, but that's the price for slitting open your wrists when your sad. And yes I talk about self harm that openly. It's not like I insult it. I do self harm and Deni is the exact same way. I grab my little Indianish printed bag. I got in a a little shop when I went to a place called Colorado in the states. That's where I got my pipe. I smiled at the memory. Me and Deni grabbed out phones and headed out the door.

We didn't talk much on the way to the park, but that was okay. It was a comfortable silence. We shared a pair of headphone on the way listening to 'We The Kings.' When we got there we saw 4 boys looking our way. Oh great.

"Keaton!" I heard them yell. I mentally rolled my eyes but let a smile smile escape. "Hey." I said smallly. "This is Deni my roommate. Deni this is Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. The boys that I basically just met. They saved me from some pervert at the party." I explained again for some reason. "Come! Come over here there's a couple benches." Niall I think said. Huh. "Wait. Niall?" He looked at me and said "yeah hon?" Hon? Oh well. "Did your grandfather come to visit you. Like just a few days ago?" I asked remembering the plane ride. "Yeah, he acctually did..wait. Did you ride on the plane next to him? He laughed. "Yes. I actually did." I had no idea why he laughed. It was sort of rude. "Well he wouldn't stop going on about how nice this pretty young lady was to him on the plane!" Oh. "Oh haha that's funny." And if was. Sort of. All of us continued small talk for the next 20 or 30 minutes. But then Liam brought it up. "Hey. Keaton. About Harry. Why don't you want to see him?"

Denis POV.

As soon as Liam said that I could see Keaton tense up. I think she should tell these boys. I smiled encouragingly at her. She nodded and told them all about her and Harry and how she was in love when they were younger. Of course she left out the selfharm and ed and depression. I would have too. She just said she'd rather not talk about why they broke up. What she did say was that it was extremely hard. What an understatement. I cannot believe she actually told the boys this. I could see she was uncomfortable with it at first but quickly got over it. I'll admit. I had a small crush on Louis because he was so kind and funny. I know he would never be with me because people don't except bi people unless they are one. Especially broken bi people. That's even harder. Life was just hard.

Me and Keaton didn't know what there reaction was going to be but deffinetly did not expect this. "Oh my god! Your THE Keaton Liles??" Louis almost shouts. She looked bewildered. "The? What do you mean 'the Keaton Liles?" They all looked so happy and excited. "Well Harry has had lots if girlfriends but always breaks up with them. He always says that they'll never be Keaton so why bother?" Keaton looks happy for a split second but quickly recovers and looks hurt. "Why would you tell me this?" She almost shouts. I could tell she didn't believe them. She wanted to. So badly. I could see it. "Because love. It's the truth." Liam kindly says. Man this guy has the softest voice. Keaton looks up for a split second but sprints away as soon as she hears some one coming towards us shout "hey there you lads are! Who ya with?" I look up in shock. I give a them sympathetic looks and quickly follow Keaton.

Harrys POV.

I got home to see none of the lads were there. Huh? I went to make a sandwich for myself. While I was eating it I began to think about where they could be. I was extremely bored and I wanted to hangout with them. I decided to go to the park because I had a feeling they may be there. I threw on a black v-neck, black jeans, and my brown boots along with my grey jacket. My hair was gelled back just how I like if and I jumped in my Fararri and headed out.

When I got to the park I looked around and saw them talking to two girls. Both gorgeous and very skinny. One looked so familiar, man! I jumped out of the car to see who they were. When I got close I shouted at them "hey there you lads are! Who ya with?" As soon as I said this I made eye contact with the brunette. She stared for a second before quickly sprinting away. The other one. Blonde. Looked at the lads and quickly followed her friend. By the time I got to the lads I realized who it was. Oh my god. It was Keaton Liles.

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