Starting Fresh

Keaton is now 18 and has almost forgot about her summer romance with Harry styles. But almost is never enough and things always end up coming back to you

***self harm is included in this story***


11. relapse

Keaton's POV.

Stupid. The first word that came to mind when I thought about what I had done this afternoon. I vowed to never let myself come close to him ever again. I would hurt myself. It killed me hearing his voice and I knew seeing him would make it worse but I had to look. And I did.

I'm still sprinting at this point and even if Deni was running she would most likely just be getting out of the park, where as me. I am already back at the dorm. I ran into the dorm, found a chair and wedged it under the door handle. I was frantic. I was nervous. I was scared. Shocked. Angry. Sad. Numb.

I could not let myself become numb. I was begging to let the numbness take over and I needed something to get it to turn off. I could handle pain. Not numbness. I had been having a few really nice days and I could not let myself get back to where i was before. It hurt to think about.

Once the door was jammed I ran to my secret box. Out of breath I took a second to slow my heart. Pointless. I fumbled with the handle thing on the box for a second before quickly pulling it open. I reached my hand under everything else in the box and grabbed my saviors. The only thing I could count on the last 6 years of my life. I walked into our bathroom which consisted of a sink mirror and toilet. The bathroom for me and Deni only. Walked was sort of an understatement really. Once inside I locked this door too and began.

Denis POV.

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. This can't be good. I was almost to the dorms now but ugh. Keaton cannot be alone right now. She just saw Harry for Christ's sake. I wouldn't want her to do anything stupid. Wait. "NO" I gasped while running and spun around.

If I was right, the door was most likely blocked and I needed someone who would be able to get inside. The window was not an option. We were 3 stories up. Our dorms were more like apartments really.

Once I was back to the park I ran around for a good ten minutes before finding the guys. I saw them getting into their cars and I wasn't close enough. I ran towards them fast as I could. I actually just flung myself at their car last minute causing them to slam the breaks.

Once I got up from the ground brushing off my face that was now bleeding from hitting the pavement I ran to their window.

Liam smiled at first but then saw my face and frantic state and hopped out of the car quickly. "What! What's wrong Deni?!" He yelled. "Drive me. Back to our dorm. Can you break down doors by any chance?" I asked. He just sped towards the dorms.

The drive would take about 10 minutes. On the way I explained to him that she may have done something really stupid. He looked strange but saw my conflicted facial expression and shut up.

Once at the dorm we all got out of the car. All being me, Liam, louis,Zayn, and Niall.

At the door of our dorm I tried the handle. I knew it. "Damn. Break it down! Now!" I yelled at the boys. They quickly complied and took a few steps back before throwing themselves at the door.

It took 2 or 3 times before the door busted. By then there were people out in the halls looking. "Call the fucking police. Hospital!" I screamed while running in the door. "Shit. Where the hell is she?!" I yelled again.

"Oh god the bathroom!" Louis yelled. I looked at them and gestured for them to break it down. "Now!" They then got the hint. This time they broke if down the first time. I heard sirens. That was fast I thought quickly. I looked inside bracing myself telling the boys quickly "wait out here!"

I ran into the bathroom only to slip on water or something. I saw Keaton lying there looking lifeless. Now I heard he emergency people coming. I then realized I hadn't slipped in water. Id slipped in blood.

"Jesus Christ!" I heard the boys shout now that they had looked in. I quickly looked at Keaton's wrist and looked away. Oh god no. This could not. Be. Happening. 3 vertical cuts along her wrist. I'm tried to feel a pulse. At first I found nothing. But then i found a small thump. Off beat and too far in between another. I'd take it. But it was slowing down.

Just then the nurses came running in. They put Keaton on a stretcher. "Family?" They asked me quickly. "Sister." I replied instantly. Almost true. At this point I didn't care if the boys followed us. I just wanted Keaton to be okay. Honestly I wasn't sure if she would be.

AN. So sorry that my chapters are bad and short. Please let me know if I should continue this story? Like and comment. Please? I'm not sure if I should continue it seems like you guys aren't enjoining it.

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