Starting Fresh

Keaton is now 18 and has almost forgot about her summer romance with Harry styles. But almost is never enough and things always end up coming back to you

***self harm is included in this story***


6. Deni

Wow I've updated a lot! I'm gonna try to update a lot cause my chapters tend to be really short!!

Keaton's POV.

The dorms were larger than I expected. I few doors were open on the way to my room so I peeked. They were nice too! Wow. But the bathrooms were for girls and boys. Oh well. Not that it really mattered. I found my room 13B and heard laughing inside. I knocked quick to make sure no 'Funny business' was going on inside. Yeah I know how college works. I didn't hear anything so I but my bottom lip and walked right in. The first thing I noticed were all the band posters and I knew wet would get along. She had mayday parade, sleeping with sirens, three days grace, Avril lavine and TONS more! I noticed her sitting on her bed probably video chatting someone, she had long blonde hair, down to her waist like mine. She had warm brown eyes and she had to be about 5'7. Yeah I'm good at guessing heights. She had fairly pale skin and lots of freckles. On her bed was a purple and blue duvet. "Hi! I'm deni, nice to meet you!" She held out her hand for a fist bump. Man I could tell I was really gonna like this girl. "Keaton." I flashed a small smile at her. "Did you know there's a party tonight? It's gonna be really cool, first of the year!" I didn't really do parties. "Uhmm actually.." Wait. New place. New Keaton. "Id love to Deni!" She beamed. We both began unpacking and talking about ourselves. Everything. Except about Harry and my depression and ed and selfharm. Of course. We talked forever until all our stuff was hanging up. Our posters basically mirrored each other's. We giggled about that. Wow. I actually giggled. "So. What's your secret?" Deni asked me. "What do you mean?" She began explaining to me how everyone has a secret. "Oh.'s...c-complicated..." I replied. She seemed unsure but respected my privacy. "you know what deni?" I asked her. "What dude?" I loved how she said dude all the time just like me "I think were gonna be great friends" I smiled and told her truthfully. "I agree" and again we fist bumped.

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