Starting Fresh

Keaton is now 18 and has almost forgot about her summer romance with Harry styles. But almost is never enough and things always end up coming back to you

***self harm is included in this story***


5. campus.

Years later (Keaton is now 19)

Keaton's POV.

"Yes mom I'm going to be fine!" My mom had been stressing about sending me off to London for college but I was old enough. "I know honey I just don't want you to do something silly," she started biting her top lip. "Well you remember back when you were 13-" the look on my face must have made her stop. She knew how much I hated to talk about that. "You'll be fine!" Ryan said. It seemed like he was trying to reassure my mother more than me. "Mom I really should be getting to the airport. My plane leaves in 2 hours!" I had all my bags packed. I'll admit I was a teensy but nervous. That's probably why my lip was raw, I tend to bite it when I'm feeling unsettled. "Okay if you say so honey..."

I was waiting for my flight to be called in the boring terminal waiting area chairs. I played with a loose string on my PINK sweatpants. I was dressed comfortably because of traveling today. My favorite sweats to be exact. They were burgundy and had a stretchy thing around the ankle. I had on a grey tee shirt from an even that I don't remember. Some walk-a-thon I think. And my black loose fitting jacket. I had to admit though I was happy about living in a dorm. I didn't really care who my roommate was. After being disliked by everyone -my own fault I know- I tended to not judge people. I didn't care who she was.

"Flight 307 to London. Now boarding. All passengers report to plane." Said a friendly female through the intercom. "Well this is it." My mom got ready eyed an Ryan laughed. "Mom it's okay I'll be back for thanksgiving! Yeah!" I hugged them both and said a quick goodbye and went to get on my plane.

The ride to London wasn't as bad as I expected. I sat next to a nice old man about 80 who was going to visit his grandson Niall. I could tell he was Irish by his accent. He and I laughed quite a lot and were hushed several times. Yes it can bond with an 80 year old man who I don't know and not a teenage girl get over it. That just shows how strange I am now. When I got off the plane I texted my mom and Ryan. 'Im here! Text you when I'm settled in my dorm later!!(:' and went to baggage claim to collect my luggage. After the 'longer than it needed to be' process I continued to go outside and fetch a cab. Quite quickly I might add.

The campus was huge! And I mean giant. While I was admiring it is suddenly had the wind knocked out of me. I fell the the ground making a loud sound. "OOHF." Some people gave me looks but just proceeded. I looked up to see who had landed on me. A very handsome familiar looking boy about my age. Maybe a year or two older smiled apologetically down at me. "Sorry! I should have been watching where I was going! The names Louis." He helped me up and stuck out his hand to me. "No your fine. I shouldn't have been just standing here like a loon. I'm Keaton." I smiled and shook his hand. "Well Keaton. Welcome to campus!" He smiled again referring to basically everywhere. "Do you go here?" I asked. Well duh Keaton. He's here and he's the age of a collage student. Sometimes I can be so stupid. 'Shut up' I told myself inside my head. "No actually, just visiting my girlfriend!" He said said kindly. "Oh darn. I was hoping to see a friendly face around, oh well. See you -maybe- later Louis!" He waved and walked away. Ugh. What is getting into me! I'm never this...talkative. Maybe I should keep it like this. Yeah. New place. New Keaton. Maybe this will work. I smiled at the thought.

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