Spend a week with one direction (niall horan fan fic)

what happened that week never leaves the house we stayed in, but i'll let you in on it.
by the way my name is Sarah hutchison, and my best friend hannah calam and i won a spend a day with one direction comp. hannah's not a fan, but we had a deal. i watch aname if she lets me talk about one direction. she likes Louis and i like Niall. he's always been my favorite. i don't know what it is but i like him :)


1. introduction and the comp.

well i should start by saying hi, my name's Sarah Hutchison i have medium length stawberry blond hair and i have bright blue eyes and i have a beauty spot on my left cheek and i hate it. i hate my aperences all together. the only thing i like about myself is my blue eyes. oh and let me tell you know. i'm one mean bitch when pissed off. but i'm a nice person other than that. i also live in australia and i live on a farm, well thats me for ya, a country chick till the day i die, i want to get that tattooed on my right shoulder when i'm older. oh yeah i'm 18 by the way and just got my belly peirced for my birthday which is the 2nd march and today is the 10th. and my best friend in the entire world is Hannah Calam she is 18 too and has short blond hair but has died it a browny red colour, she also wears glasses and reads aname, which is, for those who don't know is japanese cartoons. she doesn't like one direction, she's more of a sleeping with syrins kinda girl. she is making me watch aname because i said i didn't like it, well now i love it, but i had one condition, if i watch aname i get to talk about one direction whenever i want. so i do, i enter this competition where you get to take a friend and spend a week with one direction. and the results are going to be drawn out in 2 days. if you win they ring you up and what not. anyway, let the story begin...



that was Hannah, she must of invited herself in again, well this is like her second home.

i just woke up and she has burst into my room jumping on me.

"OW! oh my fucking god hannah! get off!"

she got off me and sat next to me.

"so, when are we going shopping?"

i sat up rubbing my eyes and yawned.

"well, that depends on the time. what time is it?"

she looked over to my clock and turned back to me laughing

"well, somone's a bit tired!"


"because it's 11:30!"

i shot up out of bed so fast my hed started to spin.

"shit, wait, wait, no it's all good good, i can see again!"

she just laughed at me. i grabed my clothes and headed out to the bathroom.

when i got in the bathroom and closed the door i looked in the mirror and i look like shit. my hair was everywhere and my makeup i was to tired to take off last night after i went to dinner with the family was everywhere, and not to mention hungover

i got in the warm shower and washed my body, hair and my makeup off and got out and wrapped a towel around my head and the other around my body once i dried off. i dried my hair and put it in a brait to the right side and left my side fringe out on my right and left a small bit of hair loose on my left. i got dressed into something nice, i ended up grabbing my denim shorts that had a flower patten sowen at the bottom, and my singlet with 'haters gonna hate' on it. i got changed and put on light makeup i walked out and grabbed my phone, keys, and wallet. i got into my car and hannah got into the passenger side, her mum dropped her off. i live by myself, well a granny flat at my parents place on there farm. i drove out the drive way and made our way to the shops.


when we got there hannah dragged me to every shop possible. we tried on so many clothes, and i mean many! we found clothes in different shops. and then we got to one shop and there was so many clothes there and there was this one shirt that i loved. it was a tie dye and it had a v rip and down the back was crossed over (A/N: i'll put a picture up later) and i tried it on and i loved it more. i went up and payed for it and the lady at the register looked at us and said

"are you two directioners?"

hannah and i looked at each other and i looked at the lady

"yes, well i am, she's not."

i said to her.

"well would you like to enter a competition to spend a week with them?"

i looked at her stunned. i felt like my mouth was numb so i couldn't talk. then hannah piped up

"she'd love that, well thanks, you've reenderd her speachless, no sarcasm intended, i really thankyou, she has been so excited since her birthday, she is at legal age to drink now, so she's excited."

i slap hannah's arm and she just laughs, the lady gave me the registrastion and i handed it back and i just pray that i win, well that's highly unlikely, i never win anything. just as we're about to leave the lady in the shop yells to us


we turn around and she motions us to go back. so we wlaked over to her and she spoke so quietly

"this compotition is only given out to people i think would like it, you can't tell anyone until after the deadline closes ok?"

wow she thinks i could win? well she's probably just saying that to make it sound like we have a better chance, she probably says it to everyone.

"wow, thanks"

was all i said giving her a smile and then we turned around and left. we had lunch down town and once the waitress orded our food all i could think was, what if i do win? i must of looked worried because hannah piped up

"are you ok? you look a little worried there?"

"hm? oh i'm fine just thinking."

"aboout what?"

"what if i win? i know there's no chance but will you come with me? and well i spend a week with them at there house. i am really nervous and i am just a bit scared. what if i do win and they see me and think i'm the most hidious person they've met! they won't talk to me the entire week, well they would but it would be akward!"

by now i'm really paniking

"well there still is the posibility that you won't win, i know that's dissapointing to hear but it's true. and well if you do win, they are sure to love you! you are a beautiful girl, they might even fall for you!"

we both laughed at her last commemnt. but still i'm not so sure.

our food came and we ate and chatted some more then i drove her home and then dorve home and wanted to get back into bed.

i got home and i walked upstairs (ok, so it's a big granny flat! at least i didn't have far to take my stuff) and put my hair up in a messy bun and put my pj's on and i walked down stairs and went into the kitchen and grabbed a small bowl of icecream and a spoon then sat on the couch and flicked on the tv. i kept scanning through the channels and i found the cartoons, since they were the only thing interestng on.


i spent the rest of the day on the couch watching movies and more cartoons. i had dinner then i went over to my parents and said night then walked back to my house , grabbed my boots and walked over to the stable and fed the horses, then i walked back to the house and fed my dog abby, she's a blue cattle dog, i love her to peices. i walked up to bed and tried to go to sleep but i couldn't stop thinking about the compition i entered. i eventually drift of to sleep. the last thing i thought was, only 2 days until i find out if i won...

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