Dirty Little Secret

Brittany has never had a first anything so what will happen when fours boys make it a point to change all of that.


1. Meeting Them

Name: Brittany Hammarquist

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'6-5'7

Weight: 130



Brittany's P.O.V.

    "Wake up, we have new neighbors and have to go and say hi," my mom yells from the kitchen. Yeah mom still not getting the concept of sleeping in. It's summer and I haven't slept past eight a single day, I mean I can't with dad constantly pestering me about "getting up early to get a good breakfast and to start up your metabolism". But I reluctantly get out of my warm bed to take a shower. I get out of the shower and blow dry my blonde hair, it goes til right under my boob. I decide to curl my hair into loose curls and put on some makeup. I usually wear foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss, nothing to fancy. I put on my grey Nirvana tank top, dark denim shorts that have a couple rips in them, and my black vans. I look at myself one more time, gosh, I'm so insecure, I weigh 130 pounds and I mean it's not that bad considering I play soccer so most of it is muscel but I still am kind of fat. I head to the front door where my parents are waiting for me with a plate of cookies. Gosh I look like a total nerd like this, urg whatever it's not like it's going to be a cute boy. 

   We walk across the street to a two-story house and knock on the door. Someone opens the door but i don't look I just continue to stare at my feet, to nervous to look up and embarrass myself. 

    "Hi, we are the Hammarquists, we live across the street from you." my mother says while dad and I just stand there awkwardly. My dad and I were always close, that's why we act so similar, but sometimes he can be way over protective being a cop and all.

   "Hi, I'm Calum, would you like to come in?" I look up at this. That accent, Australian? How would an Australian end up in a boring state like Massachusetts? And wow is he hot. But I can't help but to think where are his parents? We walk in to his house to find three other boys playing Fifa. THAT'S MY JAM!!!! 

   "Guys we have guests," Calum says. They all turn towards us and say their hellos. I learned that the one with pink hair is Michael, the tall, quiet one is Luke, and the last one is Ashton. Wow are they all hot. My parents give them the cookies and Calum puts it in the kitchen. My parents explained they had to leave for work and started to exit when Calum said that I could stay so I'm not home alone.

   "I'm fine with that as long as you are home by supper." My mom was always letting me do stuff but it's my dad I'm worried about, he never lets me do anything. Dad started to protest but mom just shh'd him and pushed him out the door. I'll have to thank her for that later.

   I turn towards the boys and walk over to the love seat and sit next to Calum who had just sat down before me.

   "So do you play Fifa?"  Ashton asks me.

   "Yes." I try and not sound to excited but I cant help it I LOVE VIDEO GAMES. Luke grabs an extra controller and tosses it to me. They start a new game and by the time we finish a half I am winning 4-0. 

   "Marry me, please" all the boys say. I just laugh and shake my head no. 

   "I'm hungry," wined Ashton.

    "Lets go out to eat." That was a good idea by Michael since I am pretty hungry because I haven't eaten all day and it was already 11 o'clock. Since they have no clue where they were going I had to drive them to my favorite place to eat, TGI Fridays. We all got in my Jeep and I started to drive, then all of a sudden I feel a hand on my upper thigh. Calum. I smack it away but he keeps putting it there. How are the other boys not noticing this? I'm relieved when we get there because I can get away from Calum, I mean it's not like I didn't like it, it's just that I've never really had a boyfriend before or any type of flirting done to me. I mean all the boys at my school are afraid of my dad so they don't talk to me.

   Once we get in there and get a seat I sit next to Luke because he seems innocent and like he wouldn't touch me and on my other side is Ashton. The waitress comes over and takes our order, the boys are surprised at how much I order but what can I say, I like food. As we wait for our food I feel a hand on my thigh again but this time its moving higher. I continue to normally talk to the boys, trying to ignore Luke's hand but it starts to rub over my area. I am freaking out a little, especially since I was getting turned on, I push his hand away trying to stay calm but really what the fuck. We get our food and finish it in 30 minutes, we leave TGI Fridays and head home. I still can't believe what was happening.


Ashton's P.O.V.

    I know what we are doing is wrong but we haven't had any fun in a while. I mean what is the worst that can happen.


    "Where's the bathroom"

    "Down the hall and to the left" I said. Once we made sure she left Calum spoke.

    "Ok she's hot"

    "Well yeah she plays video games that makes anyone hot" Mikey replied. 

    "But we can't go near her, her dad is chief of police" Luke says.

    "Well that just makes things interesting, I say we have a little competition, whoever can get her dad to approve of us first AND we have to go all the way with her." Everyone agrees to the competition. "Ok it starts when she gets back."

*End Flashback*  


Hey my little cupcakes as you can tell I am a new writer so I am open to suggestions and I will also being having a contest for Brittany's bff but that isn't for a few more chapters. So I want to hear what you think of this so comment away or kik me at soccerchick7220. Next update will be at 2 likes and 4 comments. 

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