Dirty Little Secret

Brittany has never had a first anything so what will happen when fours boys make it a point to change all of that.


2. Flirt

Brittany's P.O.V.

    When we got back home it was only 2 o'clock so we decided to watch a movie, they decided on The Ring. I am not so thrilled for this since I am terrified my scary movies. I think Ashton could tell because he sat next to me and whispered that if I got scared I could cuddle him. Awwhh he's so cute. So we all went to the kitchen to get snacks, Calum, Luke, and Ashton got soda and candy while Mikey and I waited for popcorn. The other boys walked back to the living room to get blankets while we waited for the popcorn to pop. I was facing the microwave, watching the kernels pop, i don't know why but I always loved doing that.  

    I suddenly jump when there is a hand on my ass, I turn around ready to slap Mikey but before I can he grabs my hand and puts it above my head. I struggle to loosen his grip but he instead just thrusts his hip onto mine to keep me from moving. He starts kissing my neck, slowly moving down from my chin the my collar bone. I can't say I wasn't getting turned on but this is all new to me. Mikey starts slowly sucking on my collar bone as his hands travel to my ass squeezing every once in a while. As he finishes he licks the new bruise and blows cool air on it sending shivers down my spine. Holy shit. I just stand there not knowing what to do. He walks away without doing anything else. I pull up my shirt hoping the boys wont notice the hickey Mikey left me with, more importantly I hope my parents don't notice.    

    I wait for the three bags of popcorn to pop before I put them in a bowl and bring them out to the boys. I walk out there to see Mikey and Calum on the love seat so I hand them a bowl and Luke and Ash are on the three-seat couch leaving the only open seat next to Ashton. I hand them a bowl and keep one bowl to myself, I said I liked food. Luke presses play and already I am sitting closer to Ashton. By the end on the movie I am sitting on top of his lap and I have the front of his shirt in my fist. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight like at all. I look at my phone, it's 4:45. 

   "Well I better be getting home."

   "Wait let us see your phone" Mikey says while taking it. They all put there numbers in my phone and texted themselves. Calum handed me my phone and said that he would walk me home even though it was only across the street he claimed I could get hurt my walking 20 feet. Gosh he is so hot with the wind is blowing through his hair. 

   "Hey, I'm sorry about earlier you're just so pretty and I just want to kiss you right now but I'm resisting so much."

   "Its ok but I'm just confused by the fact that you like I'm pretty I mean I don't have a thigh gap or a skinny waist, I don't mean to sound like an attention seeker I just want to know what you see in me."

   "Well don't you get it, you are awesome you don't need a thigh gap like what is the point of that, what is supposed to catch your food when you drop it. Anyway you are beautiful and I would rather have a curvy girl like you then an anorexic girl that looks like a twig any day. You are not perfect that's what makes you perfect. And I know we just met but I like you a lot."

    "Wow." That is all I can say, it was the nicest thing a boy has said to me, ever. By that time we are at my door and I can see my dad looking out the window so I just hug Calum even though I wanted to kiss him. 

   "Thank you for walking me home. I'll text you later ok, I promise."

    "Bye Brittany," Calum said as walking away.


Hey my little cupcakes I wanted to know if I should make my chapters longer or if I should just update more anyway if you want to kik me is is soccerchick7220 I love you and I was also thinking since my soccer is starting up I will be extremely busy but I am looking for a co-author so if anyone is interested kik me or comment or something. 

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