All Good Things Must End

Natalie, a nineteen year old girl, meets pop-star, Harry Styles, after he spills her coffee on her. Love erupts and there is nothing stoping them.


1. Chapter 1:

Natalie's P.O.V.

"The flight to Los Angeles has been delayed and we apologize for the inconvenience. We should start boarding eight-thirty," the women announced through the loud speaker.


You gotta be kidding me, we've been waiting here for at least an hour and now they decide to make the announcement that the flight is gonna board in another hour. I moaned and stood up "I'm getting starbucks," I told my family. I'm such a white girl, I thought to myself as I noticed my chocolate brown uggs under my phone while I texted my friend. It's so convenient that they put a Starbucks in the airport. I waited on the line, which happened to be going very slowly.  I scrolled through tumblr and twitter, posting a couple tweets saying that my flight is delayed and shit. Approaching the front of the line, the man who worked there happened to be quite handsome. He took my order, I paid him and got my drink. Of course, nothing more than that. It's never more than that for me. 



I decided to go back to where my parents are so I don't seem lonely, unlike everyone else in here. I paid attention back to my phone, scrolling through all the same stuff I've been seeing the last hour. I put my phone in my back pocket of my light-wash skinny jeans. Lifting my coffee to my face, I feel it go not just in my mouth, but all over me.

"Shit," I looked up unpleased. The person who has just knocked into me looked at me, shocked, I could tell by his facial expression.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to," he said apologetically. His eyes showed that he was actually sorry and not just saying it. He was a handsome boy, he looked about my age, which was nineteen. 

"Yeah, um it's ok, I'll just get another." I responded sweeter than how my tone was a few seconds ago.

"No, let me." he smiled lightly, "I was heading there anyways." 




We sat down at a table after I grabbed napkins to clean up my still burning hot chest. I dabbed the hot coffee, I could tell that Harry, who I've just learned is named, was staring right at my cleavage. I blushed lightly, taking a seat across from him. 

"So what are you doing in Texas Mr. British-Accent?" I asked, his accent is absolutely beautiful. 

"I happen to be in a band and we were doing some touring and we're going to LA to record the rest of our album." he explained. His lips spoke with a beautiful and soothing sound. Please speak more and never shut up. Wait, did he just say LA, maybe he's going on the same plane as me.

"That's cool. You're taking the, now eight-thirty plane?"

"Yeah, I'm guessing you are too?"

"Mmhmm," I nodded, taking a sip of the new coffee Harry had bought me, "my family lives down here, we came to visit."

"How long were you here for?"

"We came early last month," I explained, taking sips of my coffee that was still, very hot. "every year we have a reunion and we decided to stay until now." 

"That's nice, we don't get to see our family too much because we are always on tour," he responded with a smile, in which I had returned. "You have a beautiful smile." 

I blushed, looking down to my hands in my lap, "thanks." I looked back up staring into his emerald green eyes, "so, tell me about your band." 

"Um, were called One Direction, we are on our second world tour," my eyes filled in amazement, where have I heard One Direction  before? 

"You guys pretty big I'm guessing?"

"You could say that," he said with a chuckle, gesturing for me to look out the window to the 50 girls flipping shit behind the glass. How did I not notice that? 

"Are people taking pictures of us?" I asked shocked to see a couple flashes going off. 

"Yeah, um sorry if I'm bringing you into anything, they think that if I'm doing anything with a girl I'm automatically dating her." harry explained.

"Oh, so they are gonna think that we are dating?" I asked, taking it in.

"Pretty much." he sighed. 



My phone buzzed in my butt pocket as I reached for it and answered. I hung up to my mom and stood up from the wooden chair that has been hurting both my butt and back for the past hour.


"My mom, she wants me to come back," I explained.

Harry stood up as well, "yeah, I better get back, The lads must be looking for me by now." 

Most of the girls have left, I'm guessing they had a plane to catch, they wouldn't let in people if they weren't going on a plane right? We walked out together as Harry stopped before we reached the exit, "can I have your number?" he asked in a cutely-shy tone. I smiled and took his phone from his hand, putting in my number and sending myself a text, which I got a few seconds later.

I handed his phone back to him, "now I have yours." I smiled shyly.

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